Cate Blanchett Challenges Jimmy Fallon to a Beer Chugging Contest After Blind Burger Tasting

Cate Blanchett and Jimmy Fallon

The ‘Oceans 8’ star put on a show during Thursday’s ‘Tonight Show.’

Cate Blanchett isn’t afraid to chug a beer and chow down on a burger!

The 49-year-old Oceans 8 star appeared on Thursday’s Tonight Show where she brought host Jimmy Fallon two unique burgers to try.

“Well, I want to blindfold you… for many reasons,” she quipped, as Fallon put on a sleep mask.

“This feels like Fifty Shades! Why am I blindfolded? I know what a burger looks like!” Fallon exclaimed.

“Because it’s sexy!” Blanchett insisted.

She then proceeded to feed him an Australian burger complete with beets, caramelized onions, and an egg, some of which fell into Fallon’s lap.

“You’re going to get home to your wife, and she’s going to say, ‘What is that on your pants?!’” Blanchett joked.

After Fallon also tried the “Superior Burger,” which was vegetarian, they also let several of servicemen and women in the audience have a few bites. Once they got back to their seats, Fallon challenged Blanchett to a beer chugging contest.

She insisted they “chug like a woman” with straws, which prompted “boos” from the audience.

“Oh for God’s sakes! Shut up!” she declared. “We wear lipstick!”

Blanchett was able to down her beer faster, and when Fallon declared her the “champ,” she replied, “No, I’m just competitive.”

The Oscar winner is currently preparing for the June 8 release of her new all-female heist film, Oceans 8. Watch the exclusive clip below for some funny cast moments: