Catherine Zeta-Jones on Michael Douglas Loving Her 'Southern Belle' Accent For New Role (Exclusive)

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Michael Douglas is totally on board with Catherine Zeta-Jones' latest role. 

The 49-year-old actress plays a ruthless Oklahoma pageant coach on the new Facebook Watch series, Queen America, which required her to trade in her Welsh accent for a Southern one. And as Zeta-Jones told ET at the show's junket on Thursday, her husband was a big fan. 

"Michael has this thing, he has this passion for the Southern Belle twang thing. He goes 'You know, Southern women have that warm, wonderful kind of voice,'" she revealed. "[I said], 'Oh, OK, yeah. Like, all Southern women have that? Or just a few that you've met in your life?"  

"I was practicing my accent, [and] he loved it," Zeta-Jones shared. 

In the show, Zeta-Jones' character, Vicki Ellis, puts that Southern twang to work turning young beauty hopefuls into Miss Oklahoma winners, giving her something of a tough reputation in the pageant world.

"It's always fun to play those characters," Zeta-Jones explained of taking the part. "You can push the envelope a little bit more, you can push the ruthlessness, you can push the comedy of it."

"[But], with all that," she added, "the ruthlessness, and the ball-breaking kind of armor she puts on, she's a very, very cracked and fragile human being underneath."

Meanwhile, Zeta-Jones and her husband both have new shows streaming right now, with her Queen America, and his The Kominsky Method. But after 18 years of marriage and two kids together, Zeta-Jones said there's a simple secret to making it work. 

"We don't work at the same time," she said. "We make time for ourselves, because we have the ability of turning off... We don't live in LA. We don't consume ourselves with the whole industry. Our friends are in business and politics and finance and the art world. We don't live breathe talk, I don't read his scripts he doesn't read mine... so we're able to turn it off." 

"Of course, we have two children. It's a huge job in itself that we do together, and we be kind to each other," Zeta-Jones added. "He's my best friend, so I'm very conscious of we spend so much time being nice and greeting and sweet. When you go inside a home, it's like, close the door. You better be really sweet to the person you love more than anything because you just wasted a whole bunch of time out there with complete strangers. So we have that as our mantra. We just have fun together."

A new episode of Queen America premieres Sunday on Facebook Watch. See more on Zeta-Jones in the video below. 


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