Celeb-Loved Jewelry Designer Sarah Hendler's Advice for Dressing Up a Look With Vintage and Modern Pieces

Sarah Hendler
Sam Frost Studio

Jewelry designer Sarah Handler has created pieces loved by A-listers and now she's sharing her expert layering advice with ET.

Mix and match! Jewelry designer and curator Sarah Hendler has been creating special pieces loved by Meghan Markle, Kristen Bell, Ariana Grande, Drew Barrymore, Demi Lovato, Kate Hudson, Sydney Sweeney, Emily Blunt and Olivia Wilde since launching her line in 2016, but her eye for style began long before then.

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"I have loved jewelry since I was a little girl, but my true passion for collecting and wearing was as a teenager," Hendler tells ET. 

"I would wear vintage jewelry mixed with more modern pieces and people started to ask me if I could recreate a vintage piece or make something similar and special for them," she shares.

Since then, Hendler has continued to look to the past when coming up with designs for her earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

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"I always loved my grandmothers Ethel and Shirley's distinct styles, so my core collections are named after them. ... I look at vintage pieces from all eras, fine artists and their colors and techniques, and nature including mountains, trees and rivers for inspiration," the designer says.

"My brand is a beautiful mix of modern 18k gold fine jewelry pieces made in Los Angeles and curated vintage and estate pieces from all over the world. ... I am fortunate to travel all over the country and abroad. I look in every antique store big or small, and even Goodwill for unique wearable rhinestones or silver," she explains.

As for her tips for amping up an outfit, Hendler suggests layering special pieces to any look, no matter how dressy or casual.

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"Anyone can wear my jewelry. ... It is easy to wear and layer with what you may already own. ... You can take a monotone look, like an all cream outfit, and add gold or rose gold jewelry, or roll up a vintage sweatshirt and throw on some bangles or cuff bracelets. I also rock a gold spear with one of my rolo chains to the beach and ride in the waves to keep it simple and stylish."

Regardless of your picks, the jeweler says feeling good in what you're wearing is what's most important. 

"Jewelry can be the most cherished and meaningful thing you own," she notes. "If you have confidence, any jewelry will always work."