'Celebrity Big Brother': Alliances Get Torn Apart Ahead of Surprising Valentine's Day Eviction

Monday's 'Celebrity Big Brother' saw another star get booted after a contentious veto competition.

Monday may have been Valentine's Day, but love definitely was not in the air in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After last week's unexpected developments -- including Chris Kattan quitting the show and Chris Kirkpatrick getting the boot -- Monday's heated episode began with Carson Kressley having won the Head of Household, after making a deal with his season-long nemesis, Todrick Hall.

With Carson as the HoH, he's got the responsibility of nominating which other houseguests end up on the chopping block. This presents a problem for Todrick and his closest ally, Miesha Tate. So, Miesha, Todrick and Cynthia Bailey come up with a scheme -- convince Carson to not trust Shanna Moakler, one of his former allies.

The scheme works, and the entire house gets flipped against Shanna. A plan is formed to backdoor Shanna, by having Carson nominate Miesha and Todd Bridges. Then, if any of the alliance wins, they take Miesha off the block and Carson replaces her with Shanna.

With Shanna on the block against Todd, there's no way she wouldn't get voted off.

So, Monday's Power of Veto competition might have been the most crucial of the entire season thus far. The Valentine's Day-themed game saw Todrick, Cynthia and Lamar Odom participate in the veto comp, alongside Todd and Miesha. The challenge involves them assembling a giant six-piece puzzle made to look like boxes of chocolates. Compared to other veto comps in the past, it was relatively straight-forward.

Moving quickly, Todrick ends up nabbing the Power of Veto. But when it came time to proceed with the plan, Todrick made sure the show lived up to its motto: "Expect the unexpected."

Instead of keeping Meisha safe, Todrick instead gives the Power of Veto to Todd, saving him from eviction. Carson kept up his end of the deal, and backdoored Shanna -- but now things were far different from the established deal.

It's unclear exactly what Todrick's motivations were, but even with Meisha on the block Shanna had already burned too many bridges and the votes reflected that -- Shanna got ousted with a vote of 4-0.

"Don't worry Todrick, I'll get the jury to vote against you," Shanna says, as she gathers her belongings and exited the house.

"That's fine, don't be too hard on me," he responds, to which she shot back, "I will."

Speaking with host Julie Chen Moonves after her eviction, Shanna remarked on her final words to Todrick and shared, "I don't have any control over what [the Jury] do. But he was already doing his song and dance so it was my last little jab that I could give."

She also explained why she was so sure she'd be evicted even before the votes were in, sharing, "I already knew that they were going to back door me. Just the way they were interacting."

Despite being mad at some of the other houseguests' actions, Shanna admitted that being a part of the show was a total thrill.

"I had an amazing time. I am a superfan, so this was such a dream come true to play and to win two vetoes and make some big moves, even if they didn't pan out," she shared. "Thank you so much for having me. It was so cool."

Celebrity Big Brother returns Wednesday -- when fans will find out who won the next Head of Household competition -- at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.