'Celebrity Big Brother': Joey Lawrence Calls Out Fellow Houseguests As He's Evicted (Exclusive)

The TV star isn't hesitating to slam his co-stars on the hit show's latest season.

Joey Lawrence is the latest houseguest to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother, and on his way out the door, the TV veteran had plenty to say.

“I’m just happy,” he answered when asked by ET’s Brice Sander about his 18 days at the house. “It was a great ride. My journey was to be a part of this crazy family and my journey is to be moving on at this point. So, I’m celebrating all of it.”

He went on to discuss the moment he realized he was next up on the chopping block, which followed the departure of some allies.

“Pretty much as soon as John [Bennett] and Ryan [Lochte] went out because the house viewed the three of us as huge threats, which is a compliment,” he said. “You have to take it as a compliment. Even though it’s kinda funny because physicality really has nothing to do with a lot of those challenges, obviously, it’s luck and chance, some crazy skill sets that you may not even know you have. But yeah, it’s all good.” 

“The house was divided very quickly,” he added. “I didn’t even really know it was happening before, you know, Jonathan was blown out. And then Ryan was blown out and I thought, ‘If I was betting -- which I’m not, but if I was -- I would guess my card was next.”

The 43-year-old star didn’t hesitate to sling a little mud while headed out the door either, calling out some fellow houseguests for some arguably conniving behavior.

“There’s an energy in the house,” he hinted before explaining that “Tom [Green] and Kato [Kaelin] thought they had the whole place on lock down. Not only that, but I didn’t like the way those grown men were going about it. It was intimidation and being mean and it just wasn’t the right way to do it. They were grown men and it just was weird. So I went in and said, ‘Hey look guys, whatever happens, get the best energy to the final week because that way… if I’m home we can enjoy watching the game being played the right way, not scare tactics or intimidation, which is just not right.”

Regardless, Lawrence intends to keep watching, if for no other reason than to have some pointed thoughts on how everything went down when this season comes to an end.

“Of course! Of course,” he answered when asked if he plans to stay updated. “I have to be back here for the finale and know what I’m talking about -- which I didn’t know before I signed up -- so hopefully I’ll feel a little more savvy with my critique when I come back.”

Check out his full interview with ET up above.