'Celebrity Big Brother': Natalie Eva Marie Says She's Proud of 'Mental Toughness' After Eviction (Exclusive)

ET was with the former WWE star after she was evicted from the house on Friday's episode.

It's the end of Celebrity Big Brother for Natalie Eva Marie.

Friday's episode of the reality show saw the former WWE star become the first houseguest to get the boot in a double eviction. ET's Brice Sander was with Marie right after she stepped foot outside of the Big Brother house, where she explained that she knew she was going to be eliminated soon.

"Kandi [Burruss] and Dina [Lohan] were going to vote for me no matter what. Kandi already let me know that I was her biggest threat," Marie broke it down. "I did not want it to come down to a split decision and give Tom Green any more power. I kind of knew, hence why I wasn't in athletic clothes. I was ready for it."

But it was double elimination night and one more contestant got evicted. When she learned that Tamar Braxton got the Safety Card, Marie clapped her hands and said, "Nice. Nice."

Upon being informed that Lolo Jones got Head of Household and nominated Green and Burruss for eviction, she yelled, "Oh my goodness! See you later, Tom. It was nice seeing you…Lolo, you get it girl."

"Sorry Tom. It’s been fun but it was your time to go," she said. "Wow, that is so amazing. I feel really good about going."

While her time is now over, Marie played Big Brother hard. So would she change any of her strategy?

"Honestly, I think that is why I am so at peace standing in front of you right now at this very moment. I don't think that I would have switched anything," she admitted. "Because it's a game-time decision, at that moment, at that time. Looking back, my only regret is, I could've won the HOH [with] the dice tumbling game, and I could've won Veto, and I wouldn't be standing in front of you. Other than that, I played a solid game and some of the chips just didn't fall my way."

As far as what surprised Marie the most after participating in this show, she said her "mental toughness" was "off the chain."

"I feel like I can go on and take on anything in the world," she expressed. "I've had my own trials and tribulations that people were able to see on the show, as well. However, I never had any type of breakdown moment, because if you think about it, you're in there, you are by yourself. You don’t have any type of outlet."

"I'm sad that I'm out here, but I could go another 30 days," she said, adding she would totally be up for doing regular Big Brother.

Reflecting one last time on her experience now that she's out, Marie -- who said the first thing she'll do on the outside is kiss her husband – summed up her Celebrity Big Brother time as "everything and more. Best experience ever."

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