'Celebrity Big Brother': Tamar Braxton Calls 'Catfish' on Dina Lohan's Mysterious Relationship


Thursday's 'celebrity Big Brother' episode resulted in a handful of laughs and Tom Green as HOH.

Is Dina Lohan getting catfished? Tamar Braxton believes so!

Thursday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother featured another challenge, a guest appearance by Omarosa Manigault and a new Head of Household, but what really stood out was Lohan's relationship talk.

"I can't wait to tell you about this guy. We've been talking for five years. Like, every day, a lot," Lohan told Kandi Burruss. "I feel like I know him."

Revealing that "he's in another state," Lohan explained that they have not met but "it's not like that." "It's crazy, but I'm going to marry him," she shared as Tamar Braxton and Natalie Eva Marie walked in.

"Girl, you straight up catfished. Five years and no FaceTime?" Burruss told Lohan, who replied, "He doesn't use that."

The response prompted Braxton to jump into the conversation and yell, "Lies! It's 2019. My mother 71 and she uses it. That is a lie... Don't you believe it."

"Why does Lindsay Lohan mom have a catfish?" the Braxton Family Values star later tells the camera. "That's her boyfriend? Everyone FaceTimes… What is going on?"

As the conversation continued in the bunker, Braxton quipped, "Oh girl, stop! You buggin,'" asking why he couldn't fly and see her, to which Lohan replied, "He can't leave because he's taking care of his mom."

"Catfiiiish!" Braxton belted out, as she also warned Lohan that if she goes to see him she better "take one of your homegirls to fly with you. I'll come with you, but he don't wanna meet me."

Lohan, however, was not having it, replying, "It's real. Some guys just don't use iPhones."

Meanwhile, the rest of the episode saw the final seven competing for Head of Household. The houseguests were tasked with playing a "Tumbling Dice Match," where two players got inside a large netted dice only to have Omarosa spin the wheel and see what number it lands on, prompting them to tumble the dice around to hopefully land on the chosen number. After a couple rounds Tom Green was victorious, beating out Marie for HOH.

With the power in his hands -- and after some scheming and talking to houseguests -- Green nominated Ricky Williams and Marie to be up for eviction. Expressing that he admires them, he admitted that he chose them because "you're targeting me."

The news did not sit well with Marie, who Green had said would not be nominated. "I'm coming for you," she told the camera, adding that if she got the veto power she would take him down. 

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See ET's interview with Ryan Lochte in the video below.