Lindsay Lohan Keeps Mom Dina Safe From 'Celebrity Big Brother' Block -- From Outside the House


The 'Mean Girls' star has some serious sway over Jonathan Bennett.

Lindsay Lohan has serious power! 

The actress' mother, Dina Lohan, is one of 12 houseguests competing on this season of Celebrity Big Brother, and while Lindsay isn't in the house -- and has no communication with the people in it -- she just kept her mom off the block on Tuesday's episode. 

As one of the oldest people in the house (Tamar Braxton's reasoning, not ours!), Dina became a big target alongside former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci for elimination. Monday night's premiere twist pitted allies Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett against each other in the HOH competition on Tuesday, sending the loser, Jonathan, to the block.


Ryan -- who also linked up with Natalie Eva Marie, Lolo Jones, Tamar and Kandi Burruss in a quasi-alliance (Joey Lawrence denied grouping up, saying he didn't believe in alliances) -- had his heart set on sending Dina and Anthony to the block with his boy, Jonathan. There were just two problems: First, he couldn't pronounce Dina's name right -- "I keep calling her Diana," he confessed -- and second, Jonathan wanted her safe. 

"She was like a second mom to me in my early 20s," the former Mean Girls star explained. "Plus, Lindsay will kill me." 

So, after Jonathan convinced Ryan that voting out Dina a week later wouldn't affect their gameplay, the Olympic swimmer made his nominations for the block. "My first nomination will be Anthony," he confirmed. "And the second one is going to be... Tom Green." 

A few members of Ryan's alliance were caught off guard, like Tamar, who assumed he would pick Dina. Jonathan, however, couldn't contain his satisfaction. 

"Ryan took my advice and took Dina off the block. It shows me Ryan listens to me, and he's someone I can trust 100 percent," he insisted. 


However, while Jonathan's fear of Lindsay's wrath kept her mom safe from the block, there's no guarantee she won't be eliminated. We'll find out in the next episode who will win the Veto and if Dina is safe from eviction this week.

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 

Dina told ET that her daughter packed her suitcase for CBB-- and that she gave her a list of things to look out for. Watch below.