Julie Chen Leads 'Celebrity Big Brother' Season Two House Tour! (Exclusive)

Get a look at this season's Broadway-themed Head of Household bedroom and Brooklyn-inspired lounge inside the 'CBB' house.

The second season of Celebrity Big Brother is almost here and host Julie Chen is giving a sneak peek at where the famous cast is going to be spending the next few weeks of their lives.

Chen gave ET an exclusive look inside this season's Celebrity Big Brother house, and specifically, the special Head of Household bedroom.

With vintage cabaret posters hanging on the brick walls, old-school vanity mirrors and bed with an Art Deco-inspired headboard made up of blue and pink neon lights, Chen says the room was designed "to look like the backstage of any Broadway show."

"This would be, like, star's dressing room," Chen explained, as she showed off the room's plush couches and lavish decor. "We've got makeup lights and a headboard that I actually am told [was] a real theater marquee."

Chen then drew attention to the golden vase of lush red roses, with a thoughtful card reading "Break a leg! You're fabulous."

"What does every star get in her dressing room backstage? Flowers!" Chen said, drawing attention to a tableau of an antique telephone, glass perfume bottles and a 1920s-era wig that surrounded the ornate vase. Clearly, they spared no expense when it came to designing the room to take anyone who sleeps there back in time.

The same attention to detail is apparent in the upstairs lounge, which has been "made to look like the iconic Brooklyn Bridge."

"This is where house guests usually whisper, hang out," Chen said, showing off the lounge's many amenities, like comfortable seating and a full-size billiards table. 

"They pretend like they are playing chess, or they pretend like they're playing pool, but they're really conspiring about gameplay, and how to backstab," she added with a gleeful smile. "This is where it all happens."

Fans will have to tune in to the show for a look at the rest of the carefully considered and intricately designed rooms, which no doubt will play a role in the this season's general theme.

Celebrity Big Brother's big two-night premiere airs Monday, Jan. 21 and Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Check out the video below for a look at the famous houseguests who will be battling it out this season.