'Celebrity Big Brother': Tamar Braxton Pulls Ahead -- Despite 'Nope'-ing Out of HOH Competition


The universe is pulling for Tamar Braxton. 

The Braxton Family Values star has been on quite the emotional roller coaster in the Celebrity Big Brother house, after a nasty tiff with Kandi Burruss, a heated fight with Lolo Jones and a tearful argument with Kato Kaelin. However, relationships with her fellow houseguests aren't the only things that matter on the CBS reality competition show. 

Wednesday's episode showed the group engaging in a new Head of Household competition after voting out Ryan Lochte. The houseguests were tasked with making it through a "Slaughter House" haunted house, which Joey Lawrence, Ricky Williams, Jones and Tom Green all seemed to excel in. Tamar -- not so much. 

The mother-of-one hilariously "noped" out of the competition deciding as soon as a man wielding a chainsaw entered the first room, that this competition just wasn't one she wanted to participate in. She, therefore, didn't complete the maze, and didn't have a shot at winning HOH, which Green claimed with an impressive time of three minutes and seven seconds. 

When it came to using his HOH powers, Green showed where his allegiances lie: with Kaelin, Natalie Eva Marie, Jones and new ally, Williams. After ET's Kevin Frazier popped up with a new celebrity breaking news update -- a "Power of the Publicist" advantage awarded the houseguest of fans' choosing -- he promptly put Burruss and Lawrence up on the block. 

"When the celebrity breaking news happened, my gut told me it was one of you, so I'm putting you up for elimination to see if I'm right," Green explained of the advantage, which could pull its owner off the chopping block. 

However, it was Braxton who received the award, and will stick around for a bit longer. "I'm going to put it to good use. I love it so much," she raved. 

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See ET's interview with Lochte in the video below. 


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