Celebrity Hairstylist Jay Small Predicts Summer Hair Trends and Shares How to Prevent Gray Hair

Jay Small and Allison Conrad
Heidi Lee

Celebrity hairstylist Jay Small tells ET his tips for maintaining healthy hair this summer.

Jay Small has created looks for Matt Damon, Luke Grimes, Noah Centineo, Toni Garrn and more A-listers throughout his 18 years of experience as a celebrity hairstylist. 

Through his work, the hair guru realized the importance of preventing, re-pigmenting and slowing down gray hair, and launched Arey, a functional beauty brand, with co-founder Allison Conrad to do just that. 

"There are so many proactive solutions for skincare, sun protection and health, but nothing for haircare," Small tells ET while celebrating the launch of the Arey Wash and Smooth shampoo and conditioner.

"We were astonished to learn that genetics only accounts for 30 percent of why we go gray, leaving a huge portion due to other factors like vitamin and dietary deficiencies and lifestyle factors, such as smoking and other oxidative stresses. ... We see gray hair as a message from the body, and instead of traditional methods of hiding or covering with hair color, we prefer to respond with ingredients to help maintain and replenish hair pigment," the hair expert says. 

"Arey works to encourage cell turnover, provide nutrients and stimulate cell production, which allows clients to feel in control of aging hair, instead of feeling like gray hair is a curse," he continues. 

An added bonus: "Not only have we seen Arey affect the pigment of hair, but we have observed and felt fuller, thicker, and softer hair. We like to call it more youthful hair."


According to Small, additional ways you can maintain luscious locks is by reducing heat styling, cutting back on styling products, and embracing your natural mane and even the weather.

"See this as the summer of healthy hair. By using less heat styling, everyone’s hair will feel fuller and have great texture. ... We also have a tendency to use too much product or style too much on freshly washed hair. ... [Wait until] day two when you can really see what your hair needs. This can make for better, healthier styling and more time between washing," the hair pro suggests. 

Another tip that he recommends, "Use the sun to enhance your hair color when lying poolside with your hair down and exposed to the sun. This will add subtle highlights giving a dimensional effect to the hair without chemical exposure."

As for trends to look out for, the hairstylist reveals, "Men are asking for more mid length textured shapes, resulting in a lot more flow and throwing it back to our '90s heartthrobs. ... Women are loving their hair longer and will see messier styles like high buns and disheveled braids. While these messy styles are great when pinned up, the magic is when you let the styles down." 

One look Small won't miss this summer is bleach blonde hair. "I feel like my clients are over extreme blonding and this is a relief. This trend was powerful the last few years, and unfortunately the long-term result is very damaged hair. I am in the business of helping clients' hair be healthiest, so I will happily put down the bleach for the summer," he notes.