Celebs Are Loving the Too-Real FaceApp 'Old' Filter -- See the Best Pics!

Jonas Brothers
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Curious what your fave celebs will look like in 60 years? Wonder no more!

The popular selfie app FaceApp recently added a new filter, which allows anyone and everyone to look decades older in their photos. Naturally, the filter caught fire in no time, with celebs and fans alike sharing images of what they might look like in their twilight years.

One of the first stars to share a photo of themselves looking ready to retire was Drake. The rapper posted an image of himself looking roughly 60, though largely wrinkle free.

The Jonas Brothers also shared a photo of themselves using the jaw-dropping filter, seemingly suggesting that while Kevin and Nick Jonas will be gray in their later years, Joe Jonas will still be sporting black curls.

British crooner Sam Smith also got in on the fun, posting a photo of himself wearing a big heart-shaped, dangly earring while using the filter. As expected, his hair and beard are much whiter and there’s more than few prominent wrinkles lining the 27-year-old singer’s face.

“Grandpa or Grandma? ?? I’ll take both,” he cheekily captioned the image.

A few images have arrived from the sets of films in production, teasing a peek at the geriatric future of several movie stars. Kevin Hart posted a photo on the set of his upcoming film Fatherhood. While he offered the camera his usual determined glare, he looked to be pushing 70.

Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris also posted a photo from the set of Fast & Furious 9 that should have fans in stitches. While Gibson has shaved his head for years, that didn’t stop the filter from turning his beard gray. Likewise, Ludacris sported a salt-and-pepper facial hair while looking much wiser with his years.

"Fast & Furious 50 ??? and we still haven’t stopped at a gas station. Or for Diapers. ??," the rapper captioned the post.

Check out tons more images of celebs trying out the hilarious filter below.

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