Chace Crawford Addresses Possible 'Gossip Girl' Reboot (Exclusive)

Gossip Girl
The CW

The CW is discussing potentially revisiting the Upper East Side once more and ET caught up with 'The Boys' star to get his take.

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is sharing his take on a possible reboot.

The CW made headlines recently when network president Mark Pedowitz told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour that there had been "a discussion" about revisiting the property again, cautioning that nothing official was on the books. But just the mention of any type of Gossip Girl update, revival, redo, anything would be enough to pique interest. 

Crawford, who was on hand Wednesday to promote Amazon Prime Video's NSFW superhero show The Boys, addressed the possibility of revisiting that world again after playing rich boy Nate Archibald during Gossip Girl's original run on The CW from 2007 to 2012. 

"I guess I did hear about it," the 33-year-old actor told ET following the panel. "I don't think anyone's been seriously talking about that. I think they'd have to come up with a real plan, and I know [executive producers] Josh [Schwartz] and Stephanie [Savage] would have to be a part of it."

When asked if he was surprised by new conversations about Gossip Girl being a potential breeding ground for an updated iteration, Crawford was candid but didn't completely close the door on the idea if the pieces were to come together. 

"It is funny to me, it's almost become a classic now. It probably goes to show you that we shouldn't be redoing it," he said. "I can't be in high school anymore. That's the thing. I don't even know what they would do. For me personally, I would love to see everybody again and I loved everybody and I would love to work with everybody, but I don't know if it's necessarily a reality."

Crawford admitted he wasn't sure if there was an obvious reason for Gossip Girl to possibly continue on with the original ensemble.

"I don't know what the way in would be to the story, to get everyone back together," he said, adding, "I'm always up for anything. That was such a good part of my life and experience, and hell, if they throw in shooting in New York City again, I'm there."

In the series finale, Nate's New York City newspaper, The Spectator, had found its footing in the publishing industry and he was about to begin a mayoral campaign. 

"The second we probably [decide], 'Yeah, let's do it'... [it'll be like], 'Oh, we recast everybody. They're all young kids. Same show, different people,'" Crawford joked, forecasting a hypothetical. 

Whether or not Gossip Girl 2.0 becomes a reality, fans can see Crawford in a completely different light on The Boys, a completely new take on the superhero genre, where he plays aquatic hero The Deep.

"[It's] way different, which is amazing. That's kind of what I wanted. And obviously there's some darkness about it, but the character itself is fun. Fun to make fun of, that particular guy. And also being parodies of being superheroes, I think, is a really good idea," Crawford said. "There's a lot of room to pop that myth bubble, and sort of flip it on its head and have fun of it, and show the darker side of celebrity."

As Crawford tells it, the draw to The Boys was immediate. Not only did he feel he was able to step outside the proverbial box, he knew he could play this character the second he got his hands on the script.

"I just read the sides for the character and I'm like, 'Boom. I understand the comedy, I can do this guy,'" he said. "And they responded. So that was great they wanted me to be a part of it."

Last summer, Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley, who now leads Netflix's You, was also asked about the chances of a Gossip Girl reunion, to which he jokingly replied, “I would do it if Dan got to kill them."