Chad Ochocinco Talks Super Bowl LVI and Wedding Planning With Sharelle Rosado (Exclusive)

The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver also talks fatherhood and more.

Chad Ochocinco is feeling good going into Super Bowl LVI weekend.

The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver and fiancée, Selling Tampa star, Sharelle Rosado sat down with ET's Kevin Frazier on Friday to talk football, wedding planning, and their 6-week-old daughter, Serenity.

"[I'm] very excited! For me, it's so funny, I’m more excited for the fans than anything. Thirty-one years," he says. "You know how long 31 years is? And I think about my decade during Cincinnati and having to deal with losing the seasons except maybe one or two, and I knew what it's like to always be losing. So imagine being in the Super Bowl."

Chad was part of the Bengals from 2001 to 2010, and always hoped to make it to the big game. "Especially when me and [Terrell Owens] played together," he adds. "I’m thinking, mentally on paper, 'Yo, what we got there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be there.' We went 4-12 that year."

With the Bengals up against the Los Angeles Rams, Chad is "feeling good." "We're gonna win," he says of his former team.

A win he already has, his lady love and daughter. Chad and Sharelle got engaged last January and are getting ready for their special day. The former athlete says that he feels like he got a "second chance at everything" when he met the Selling Tampa star and welcomed their baby girl.

"A second chance at everything in general, not just life, everything. Opportunities that have presented themselves," he expresses. "Everyone loves a comeback story and I've been given the opportunity and the platform and the space to do just that, and I’m thankful and I’m grateful."

While this is the couple's first child together, it is the fourth for Sharelle and the eighth for Chad, who both have children from previous relationships.

The couple is excited to start the next chapter of their life together. But first, he has to officially propose.

"There is one thing that I wanna do -- and if anyone sees this, you give me some ideas -- I haven’t proposed yet," Chad admits. "But I’m gonna propose the right way. But there’s a proposal that was done, [but] I didn’t do it the right way. A new proposal has to be done. Listen, it has to be extravagant, creative. It has to be very Ocho-esque."

Little Serenity, meanwhile, has her dad wrapped around her finger. Their daughter is named after Chad's late mother, and the two have been bonding like no other. The athlete even shares sweet videos of the two together.

"They definitely do [bond]," Sharelle says. "I get jealous because once she’s under his arm, she’s at peace."

The real estate broker, meanwhile, also touches on the first season of her Netflix show and hopes for a second season.

"We don't have anything yet, so we're waiting for Netflix to come and let us know about a season 2. But the experience for season 1 was amazing," she shares. "It shows no matter what age you are, what color you are, you still can do it anytime at your career. You can still make a change and be successful at it."

That also includes Chad, who teases that he's working on his real estate license.

"I'm getting my license," he reveals. "I didn't wanna be on season 1. I wanted her and her brokers to have their shine, have their fun. But I think maybe around season 3 or 4 - because I'm sure they will get it - by that time I will have my real estate license or have everything in place."

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