Channing Tatum Reveals the Advice He Gave Girlfriend Zoe Kravitz 

The actor also reveals he contemplated quitting acting in 2018.

Channing Tatum is sharing the professional advice he recently gave to his girlfriend, Zoe Kravitz. Tatum covers the latest issue of Variety and talks about his return to acting, as well what he told Kravitz about her directorial debut, Pussy Island, that he's starring in.

Kravitz is directing Tatum in Pussy Island, a thriller she co-wrote. Tatum tells the magazine he advised Kravitz not to star in the film as well, given his own co-directing experience for Dog, in which he plays an army ranger who has to bring a military working dog on a road trip in time to attend her handler's funeral. Dog is set to release in February.

"I was like, 'You'll need double the days,'" Tatum says he told Kravitz about not taking an acting role in Pussy Island. "She's a perfectionist in the best possible way."

Tatum is set to make his return to the big-screen with multiple projects after a four-year hiatus, including The Lost City, which also stars Sandra Bullock. The actor admits he was burned-out before taking a break, calling out 2014's 22 Jump Street and 2015's Jupiter Ascending as not his best work.

"I felt like I was the fat kid at the buffet, just working and working and working," he says. "I took four movies back to back without any time off. I wasn't as good as I wanted to be in those last two movies because I didn’t have the energy."

Brian Bowen Smith for Variety

He said he considered quitting the business in 2018, around the time he announced his divorce from Jenna Dewan.

"I really took time off," he says of what he did during his extended break. "I sculpted. I took pictures. I wrote my own stuff, not like a script or anything. Just creating on different levels. I wanted to take a breather."

These days, Tatum is again excited by his work, including one last Magic Mike film directed by Steven Soderbergh.

"This one's going to be a full dance-icle," he teases. "We're going to swing for the fence. I'm going to dance as hard as I've danced in any movie other than Hail, Caesar!. I want this movie to be filled with joy and fun. Everybody is like, 'Less character, more dancing.' So I've listened."