Channing Tatum Strips Down to a Speedo, Shares How Zoë Kravitz Influenced His Style

For a new magazine photo shoot, Channing Tatum got to talking fashion -- while wearing very little.

It might still be winter, but that didn't stop Channing Tatum from turning up the heat. 

As the cover star of VMAN’s newly unveiled spring/summer issue, the Dog actor bared almost all as he stripped down to a Speedo poolside and, in one shot, just a sweater wrapped around his waist. While Tatum channeled his modeling days for the sexy shoot, he opened up about how his own personal style has evolved, including with the help of his girlfriend, Zoë Kravitz

"It has been a journey," he told former 21 Jump Street co-star, Jonah Hill, who interviewed him for the issue. "I grew up in the South, and you don’t wear anything but like, white t-shirts and chains everywhere. I had a year I called, 'the year of the fresh white tee.' [Then] I started getting seen as a model, and I went so deep into the highest fashion world that you possibly can. I was living in New York and [there], you find your own style," he recalled. "When I moved to L.A., dressing became a bit of a chore, it was just another suit for another talk show."

The now-41-year-old star professed he "just got over it." 

"I stopped acting for a while, life changed, and I really wanted to pay attention and figure out who I was—that was like four years ago," he recalled. "Look, I went on a little bit of a journey trying to do Balenciaga and all this s**t. And I was just like, 'This ain’t me either. I don’t know what the kids are doing these days.'"

Instead, he took advice from some of those closest to him. "Then some friends of mine, like you and Zo [Zoë Kravitz], were like, 'Why don’t you just wear what you wear? Why don’t you just be you?' You gave me some very specific style tips," Tatum acknowledged. "I’m really enjoying finding my own voice and my own way with some very beautiful guardrails. Jonah, you basically don’t let me look like a fool. So I appreciate you. I’m only mad that it’s taken you this long to give me these tips… you could have helped me a lot on Jump Street."

Inez and Vinoodh/Courtesy of V Magazine

While Kravitz seems to have it covered in the fashion department, Tatum, who directed and stars in Dog, confirmed to ET that he offered her some guidance when it came to her making her own directorial debut with the upcoming thriller, Pussy Island, in which he was cast. Simply, don't act in a movie you're directing.

"I just don’t think you enjoy it," he told ET. "I didn’t get to enjoy really directing."