Charles Barkley and Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Highlight Gun Control on 'Saturday Night Live'

Charles Barkley on Saturday Night Live

'SNL' returned to the air for the first time in a month, and they railed on the National Rifle Association and Trump’s comments on gun control.

Saturday Night Live returned for after a month-long hiatus, and they had the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun control legislation in their crosshairs from the start.

Alec Baldwin reprised his role President Donald Trump in the episode’s cold open, where he appeared opposite Vice President Mike Pence (played by Beck Bennett) and Dianne Feinstein (played by Cecily Strong), neither of whom seemed happy with anything Trump had to say.

“Believe me, nobody loves the Second Amendment and due process more than me. But maybe, we just take everyone’s guns away,” Baldwin’s Trump declared, mocking some of the president’s recent comments following the Parkland, Florida shooting. “Nobody is allowed to have a gun. Not even whites.”

While Strong’s Feinstein looked very excited by this possibility, Trump quickly backed down, explaining, “I met with the NRA, they gave me 30 million good reasons not to change thing. So, cha-ching! It’s all good.”

Baldwin’s Trump went on to say that “the youth of America deserve to feel safe in their schools, because folks, I can only run into so many schools and save everybody.”

The episode, hosted by NBA legend Charles Barkley, also mocked the NRA in a pre-taped fake trailer for a innovative new cockroach control system.

In the commercial, Barkley plays Ned, a pest-control expert who has developed his own method for exterminating roaches, which he calls Ned’s Roach Away, or NRA for short. How does it work? By bringing in more roaches, but ones that are carrying tiny AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and that Ned has spent years training.

“At Ned’s, we know the only thing that can stop a bad roach is a good roach with a gun,” Ned intones before explaining how his vetting system “makes sure only the best, high-character, God-fearing roaches can carry guns. And none of my roaches are gay.”

"Weekend Update" anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che also weighed in on the subject. Che mocked Trump’s conflicting comments on gun control, which came after he had a private meeting with NRA officials.

“So, he was alone in a room with a bunch of gun enthusiasts and they somehow managed to change his mind?” Che quipped. “You know, that once happened to me. I once spoke out against gang violence but then after a very private meeting with the Bloods on the roof of my building, I realized I disagreed with myself, too.”

Saturday Night Live returns, with first-time host Sterling K. Brown, on March 10 at 8:30 pm PT, 11:30 pm ET, on NBC.