Charlize Theron on Relating to Morticia Addams' Desire to Connect With Her Kids (Exclusive)

Theron opened up reprising her role in 'The Addams Family 2,' and how she relates to Morticia's desire to understand her kids better.

Charlize Theron is back as Morticia Addams in The Addams Family 2. The actress and mom of two opened up to ET's Kevin Frazier about how she relates to the Addams family matriarch's need to connect to and understand her kids better.

"I think that no matter what your personality is, or your parenting technique, we can all relate to wanting to connect more with your kids or trying to understand your kids more," Theron explained. "And she deeply wants those things, even though she's dry and she's direct, and I guess could be described as cold. There really is a real deep love that I think she has for her kids."

It's something she's experiencing as her two daughters, Jackson, 9 and August, 6 grow older and have started seeking some of their own independence.

"My only saving grace is that as soon as it starts to get dark, they'll crawl into bed with me, and you know, I'll scratch their back. And so I still feel like I have the power," she shared. "But it is definitely happening. It's inevitable right? They want to find themselves and be individuals."

As she takes on the role of Morticia for the second time, Theron likened the experience to a comfortable and cozy one, telling ET, "It becomes a little easier because you don't have to do all that leg work that you did on the first one of, kind of, discovery. So we know what the voice is, we know what the cadence is, so it's kind of like coming back to a nice pair of sweats that you just want to wear again. And then just playing around with that, you know, just trying to figure out new ways to kind of take that voice and work with it."

Another part of the film that both Theron and her kids have enjoyed? Starring alongside Snoop Dogg, who voices Cousin Itt in the animated film.

"Oh man, it's a big shadow to stand in," Theron said of working with Snoop. "Everybody just really wants to talk [to him], truthfully, I mean this interview is probably never gonna air, so let's not even kid ourselves. It's gonna be Snoop. I'll literally just be like, mumbling something. He's such a hit in my house. My 6-year-old is obsessed with him, obsessed. We had to eliminate a few songs recently on her iPad. Problematic."

"We can like Snoop but we're not liking him that much yet," Theron joked.

See Theron, Snoop and more when The Addams Family 2 hits theaters and digital Oct. 1.

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