How Karol G and Aimee Garcia Helped Bring Message of Love and Acceptance to 'The Addams Family' (Exclusive)

The Latinx stars opened up about their involvement in the new animated film.

The Addams Family is an American classic, with "a very Latinx heart."

That's what Aimee Garcia says about the latest animated version of the wicked tale, in which she portrays camerawoman Denise. The family film also features Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams, and its soundtrack includes songs by powerhouse Latinas Christina Aguilera and Karol G.

"What I love about this reinvention is it's something for everybody," Garcia tells ET. "Grandparents might remember the old TV show, some people might remember the movie, but I love that the filmmakers were so visionary to say, 'You know what? If this is going to be a modern-day Addams family, let's have it reflect society.' And since 75 percent [of people] that go to the movies are Latino, it would make sense to have Latino characters."

Thankfully, both Garcia and Karol G got to add their own their personal touch to the project.

"I got to add in a little Spanish, which I was very excited about because she wasn't originally conceived as Latina," Garcia explains. "I went in and recorded the voice and I thought, 'You know what? I'm just going to speak a little Spanish.' It wasn't scripted, I improvised a little bit and added in Spanish and they kept it in the movie."

"They made her brown, like me, which is very exciting," she adds. "I just saw it as a little victory in a very big high-profile project where the only other language you hear in this movie is Spanish."

As for Karol G, she raps in both English and Spanish on the film's soundtrack. 

"I always wanted to do a song for a really good movie, and The Addams Family is that movie that I remember when I was a child," she shares.

"I'm super happy, super excited to represent my Latina community as the only girl, as the only female in this track," she says about "My Family," which also features Migos, Snoop Dogg and Rock Mafia.

The single is the perfect mix of urban and rap, which also talks about "a family that supports each other." "I love it. I sing in Spanish because it's my language and I have a part in English," the Colombian singer adds. 

Watch the video above and below, to hear more about what the duo had to share about working on the film. 

The Addams Family is now playing in theaters.