Charlize Theron Reveals Nicole Kidman's Reaction to Her Unrecognizable 'Bombshell' Transformation (Exclusive)

The actress opened up to ET about her upcoming drama on the red carpet at the Elle Women In Hollywood Awards on Monday.

Charlize Theron's turn as Megyn Kelly in the upcoming drama Bombshell has already been blowing people's minds with how closely the actress resembles the former Fox News host. As it turns out, the make-up and costuming were so good, it also fooled one of her co-stars.

Theron walked the red carpet at this year's Elle Women In Hollywood Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Monday, and the Oscar winner stopped to talk with ET's Nischelle Turner about her unbelievable transformation into Kelly.

According to Theron, Nicole Kidman -- who co-stars in Bombshell as journalist Gretchen Carlson -- didn't even recognize her after Theron had gotten into full makeup for a scene.

"She walked by me at one point and I thought she was mad at me," Theron recalled. "I thought, 'Oh god! What did I do? Did I mess something up in her trailer? Did I not say hi nicely?'"

"She just came up to me and she was like 'Charlize?' and then I said, 'Yes are you mad at me?'" Theron added. "She said, 'No I just didn't know that was you!"

While she may not have recognized her on set, Kidman has apparently always been a big champion of Theron, and an ardent advocate for her over the years.

"She has never done anything but support and show up for me," Theron shared. "We've been trying to make a movie for so long. I'm just happy to finally be in a film with her."

In Bombshell -- a biographical drama surrounding the women at Fox News who stood up to former network chairman and CEO Roger Ailes and exposed a culture of toxic behavior and sexism -- Kidman and Theron co-star alongside Margot Robbie, who plays a composite character named Kayla Pospisil, as well as John Lithgow as Ailes, Kate McKinnon, Alice Eve, Ashley Greene, Connie Britton and Allison Janney to name just a few big stars in the massive ensemble cast.

According to Theron, despite the strong Oscar buzz surrounding the project, its been a "nerve-racking" experience showing it to screening audiences.

"It's heartbreaking, this film, and it's disturbing and it's funny and it's absurd. But it pushes a lot of emotion out of you when you watch it," she shared. "We showed it for the first time, finished, to audiences last night, and I've never been so nervous in my entire life."

"You hope that the thing you emotionally tapped into was the thing audiences will tap to in as well," Theron explained. "And that's just never a guarantee."

Bombshell hits theaters on Dec. 20. 



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