Charlize Theron Reveals You're Probably Pronouncing Her Name Wrong: 'You're Not Fancy' (Exclusive)

Watch Theron and 'Gringo' co-stars David Oyelowo and Sharlto Copley respond to the worst misspellings of their names.

Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo and Sharlto Copley know they have names you might not spell correctly on the first try. And they're OK with that! But in this silly little bit to promote their new movie, Gringo, out now, the trio reacts to some of the most mangled misspellings of their names ever: Sharlise Theren! Dave Old Yellow Phone! Sheryl O'Clopley!

Plus, Theron reveals you've been pronouncing her last name wrong this whole time.

"You guys know the internet exists, right? So, you just look up our names. It's so easy," she deadpans, holding up a card with the correct spelling of her name. "Ther-on, like heron. Not Ther-own. You're not fancy."

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Theron has been exceptionally candid throughout the Gringo press tour, previously opening up to ET about the days that try her patience as the single mother of two young children. "I have a lot of those days," she said with a laugh.

"It's the most meaningful thing that's ever happened in my life and I absolutely love it, but I have days where I'm literally like, I'm not enjoying parenting today," she explained. "I'll look them right in the eye and be like, 'I don't like today. Today is not one of my favorite days.' And the little one goes, 'Mama, you no happy?'"

We will see the maternal side of Theron in her upcoming movie, Tully, but in Gringo, she plays a sleazy corporate type with quite the potty mouth -- "I say some terrible stuff in this movie..." -- who sends Oyelowo's character on a "business trip" to Mexico to fetch a marijuana pill formula. There, he encounters the drug cartel and machine gun-wielding mercenaries. Check out the trailer:


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