Charlize Theron Is 'Impressed' by Co-Star Paris Jackson's Film Debut in 'Gringo' (Exclusive)

The 42-year-old actress also spoke to ET about how feminism and activism have effected her parenting style during the 'Gringo' world premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Charlize Theron is here for Paris Jackson's burgeoning acting career!

The 42-year-old actress-producer spoke to ET's Carly Steel at the world premiere of Gringo in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where she opened up about working with Jackson on the new film.

The 19-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson makes her film debut in Gringo, playing a character named Nelly, described as an edgy 20-year-old.

Theron marveled at her castmate and reflected on her being the daughter of the biggest pop star to walk the earth.

"She comes from a great legacy, but I also don't think that you want to be defined by the weight of all of that stuff," Theron said. "And I just really admired that she came in and really auditioned for this and was prepared and ready, and she handled this as an individual really well, as an actor really well, and I was impressed by that."

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Theron also opened up about how her life-long feminism has affected her parenting style when it comes to raising her two children, son Jackson and daughter August.

"I feel like I was lucky enough to have a parent that was very much aware of female issues and just always raised me knowing that there were no limitations just because of my identity and who I was," she explained. "And, for me, I think it really kicked in in the early '90s, when rape became a big issue in South Africa, and I felt compelled once I got the information and the knowledge about what was happening in South Africa to actually go down there and try and do something about it."

Theron said activism has become second nature to her, so much so that her kids aren't particularly surprised when her feminism intersects with her parenting.

"I feel like I wake up in the morning with my kids and these are things that we kind of apply to our everyday life," she said. "We'll be driving in the car and I'll be like, 'You know you guys can be anything you want?' And they'll be like, 'Ugh, we know, Mom.'"

As for the premiere itself, Theron stunned on the red carpet, stepping out in a gorgeous white Dior suit. She told ET that the fashion house made it for her and she "absolutely loved it."

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Amazon Studios’ Gringo hits theaters March 9.