Charlize Theron Shares Rare Photo of Youngest Daughter August

Theron snapped a sweet photo of her and August taking a nap, in her post to ring in the new year.

Charlize Theron is sharing a rare look at her life at home with her family. The Atomic Blonde actress took to Instagram Tuesday to share a sweet photo of her and her youngest daughter, August, 7, taking a nap, along with a pic of their family dogs, to help ring in the new year.

"New year, same energy," Theron captioned the photo slideshow, which featured August wearing a white sleep mask. "C’mon 2022, don’t be a b***h!"

The family photo was met with several comments from fans and a few of Theron's celebrity friends, including Chelsea Handler and January Jones, who purchased the same eye mask for her son, Xander.

"Nice eye shades, auggie!," Handler wrote, with Jones commenting, "Omg I got xander that eye mask massager thing for Xmas."

Theron, who is also a mother to daughter, Jackson, 10, has been pretty candid about her relationship with her children.

Back in September, the 46-year-old actress spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier ahead of the release of The Addams Family 2, where she shared how she relates to the Addams family matriarch's need to connect to and understand her kids better.

"I think that no matter what your personality is, or your parenting technique, we can all relate to wanting to connect more with your kids or trying to understand your kids more," Theron explained. "And she deeply wants those things, even though she's dry and she's direct, and I guess could be described as cold. There really is a real deep love that I think she has for her kids."

It's something she's experiencing as her two daughters grow older and have started seeking some of their own independence.

"My only saving grace is that as soon as it starts to get dark, they'll crawl into bed with me, and you know, I'll scratch their back. And so I still feel like I have the power," she shared. "But it is definitely happening. It's inevitable right? They want to find themselves and be individuals."

For more on Theron and her family, check out the video below.