'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Makes Celebs Freak Out at 2020 Oscars: Watch

Jerry Harris Brad Pitt Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Laura Dern were among Harris' celeb admirers.

Jerry Harris has some A-list fans! The Cheer star, who recently got the chance to interview celebs on the red carpet of the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday to discuss the incredible experience.

"It was insane. It was such an indescribable feeling," he tells the host. "... Just seeing so many different celebrities and having them come up to me like they knew me personally, it was just awesome."

Harris wasn't exaggerating about all the stars who knew his name and story at the awards show. In an extended clip of Harris' time at the Oscars, some of the biggest names of the night couldn't contain their excitement over meeting the reality star. 

"We watch you. You're so good!" Lin-Manuel Miranda said, before noting that the thing he was most looking forward to that night was "finishing the first season of Cheer and seeing if you make it to mat. Don't spoil it for me!" 

Laura Dern was next up, immediately offering up words of wisdom to the college athlete.

"Jerry, this is what I want to say to you: You've got this! You can do this, Jerry!" she said. "Because my daughter was giving me some mat talk as I was driving in the car. And we love you. And we love your big, beautiful heart." 

Little Women director Greta Gerwig was perhaps most excited to meet Harris, exclaiming, "Oh, my God! I watch your show while I'm pumping every night!"

"I don't know what's going to beat this moment right now," she added of what Oscar experience she was most looking forward to. "I can't believe it. I feel like I manifested you in front of me." 

Kathy Bates was also delighted, telling Harris that she "fell in love" with both him and the show, then trying on his championship ring.

Harris also got Billie Eilish to try on his ring, convinced Rebel Wilson to do a cheer with him and fulfilled Idina Menzel's request for some personalized mat talk ahead of her performance.

Throughout the clip, Al Pacino, Scarlett Johansson, Regina King, Renee Zellweger, Natalie Portman and Robin Roberts also stopped by to chat with Harris, before the biggest name of all stopped by.

"How does it feel to be the coolest man in the world?" Harris asked Brad Pitt after excitedly shaking his hand.

"Really? Is that what I got? I don't think so," Pitt quipped.

After showing the clip, DeGeneres surprises Harris with a scrapbook of his time at the show as well as a $10,000 gift.

When ET's Katie Krause caught up with Harris last month, he gushed about the love he and his teammates have received since the debut of the Netflix series.

"The amount of love and positivity that people have shown us is truly incredible, 'cause we really don't think how much we affect others until they reach out and actually let us know that we've done something to them," he said. "So it's just been a complete blessing, and we're so happy that we've been able to do that for people."