Chelsea Handler Skis Topless to Celebrate Her 47th Birthday: 'Doing All the Things I Love With the Man I Love'

The comedian turned 47 on Friday and let it all out on the slopes!

Chelsea Handler never looked better at 47. And she wanted to let the world see!

The comedian took to Instagram on Friday and shared a video showing her skiing topless in Whistler, Canada to celebrate her birthday. She wore her underwear and a pair of knee-high socks while U.S. and Canada stickers covered her breasts. Some of her other attire included the Canada and U.S. flags as well as the Philippines flag with her boyfriend Jo Koy's name on it. Koy, who was born in Tacoma, Washington, has family roots in the Philippines and often talks about it during his stand-up sets. 

Handler, who for good measure also held a glass of wine while skiing, captioned her post, "Doing all the things I love with the man I love" along with the number 47 and a blue heart emoji.

Some of her other Instagram Stories also included her cabin filled with flowers sent by friends and family. Koy also took to Instagram and posted a photo of them getting ready to head down a mountain. He captioned it, "Skiing makes her smile! Happy birthday love!"

He also took to his Instagram Stories and posted several videos showing Handler blowing out candles on her birthday cake and opening gifts, including a new U.S.A. ski jacket.

Handler confirmed her relationship with Koy back in September when she took to Instagram and said she's fallen in love.

"Just sitting here in Mallorca thinking about how grateful I am to have so many people that I love in my life, to live the life I do and to be going on tour doing what I love," she captioned her post. "And that I’m finally in love, with the best kind of guy there is," she wrote. "There is hope for everyone! That kind of stuff."

A few weeks later on her podcast, Handler shared how her 18-year friendship with Koy turned into something more

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, Koy asked Handler to write a blurb for his book, Mixed Plate, when the two reconnected. They started texting, hanging out and even FaceTiming regularly too. After four months apart, they decided to go out to dinner.

"The minute we were both back in L.A., we were like, 'Let's go to dinner,'" Koy recalled. From there, the pair started spending lots of time together and things progressed "organically," Handler explained. 

But it wasn't until Handler's return to the stage during a show in Las Vegas that she felt something was different between her and her longtime friend. After getting back to L.A., the couple has been together ever since.