Chelsea Handler Suffers a Torn Meniscus and Broken Toes After Skiing Into a Tree Twice

Chelsea Handler
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for EMILY's List

The comedian was banged up after a day on the slopes.

Chelsea Handler is recovering after a day on the slopes. The 46-year-old comedian took to her Instagram Story on Sunday to share pics and videos from her time skiing.

In one clip, Handler, who had just skied into a tree, was lying down in the snow as she explained what was going on.

"I ski so many days a year and I keep falling like this!" she said. "I skied into one tree today and ski patrol was skiing with me and he was on the phone. He's like, 'Oh, I gotta take a call.' I'm like, 'Excuse me, I'm in a tree well.'"

"I mean, it's just ridiculous," she added with a laugh. "I get no respect on the mountain."

Instagram / Chelsea Handler

Handler next shared a selfie with her ski guide, Kelly Booth Jackson, and praised the work she's done.

"My buddy @kellyskiing has kicked my a** from January to March and has dragged my a** through some serious s**t... but now I can ski almost anything because of @kellyskiing," she wrote.

Instagram / Chelsea Handler
Instagram / Chelsea Handler

After her day of skiing wrapped up, Handler once again posted an update on her Instagram Story, this time with a video of her lying in bed alongside her dog.

"I have a torn meniscus, two broken toes, I think. One's definitely broken, the other one might just be in a bad mood," Handler revealed of the injuries she suffered during the day.

Handler was in good spirits, though, joking, "And my arm broke a tree, but I can ski down almost anything now."

Instagram / Chelsea Handler

Watch the video below for more on Handler.