'Chicago Med' 100th Episode Packs an 'Emotional Punch': Watch Special Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

Showrunners Andy Schneider and Diane Frolov preview Wednesday's milestone episode.

Chicago Med is hitting a major milestone.

The medical drama airs its landmark 100th episode Wednesday with an hour called "The Ghosts of the Past," the last series in the OneChicago family to reach the pivotal mark. From the episode title alone, one can surmise that it will be filled with nods to the past as Med looks to the future. 

And because this isn't just any typical episode of Med, one of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center's own, April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) goes from doctor to patient when she suddenly experiences piercing pains in her stomach. Her hospitalization, of course, creates unexpected repercussions for her engagement to fellow doc, Ethan (Brian Tee), as well as her relationship with Crockett (Dominic Rains). That secret kiss they shared? We're betting it finally comes out.

But that's not all. Charles (Oliver Platt) and his 13-year-old daughter, Anna (Hannah Alligood), fight over vaping (watch ET's exclusive sneak peek above), while new romances begin to blossom. Ahead of the landmark hour, ET sent off a few questions over email to showrunners Andy Schneider and Diane Frolov about reaching the impressive milestone. Here is what they had to say about that, the three-season(!) pickup and more. (NBCUniversal recently suspended production on Med due to coronavirus concerns.)

ET: Congratulations on reaching 100 episodes of Chicago Med! Did you ever think this would be a milestone the show would be surpassing?

Diane Frolov: It's a rare occurrence in television, but given Dick Wolf's track record, we thought it was possible.

Andy Schneider: And after the success of NBC's OneChicago Wednesday night programming, it seemed a certainty.

Episode 100s usually hold significant weight for a television series. What did you want to do for this particular episode that is special and unique from the rest of the series?

Schneider: We wanted the episode to have a strong emotional punch and pay off all the character and story arcs that we'd been developing throughout the season. 

Frolov: And since 100 episodes are a cause for celebration, we wanted the episode to end on a celebratory note.

In the episode, April goes from doctor to patient. What can you tell us about how her hospitalization may affect her engagement to Ethan? 

Frolov: It will have a profound effect, not so much because of her physical crises, but because it brings to a head her turbulent relationships with Ethan and Crockett.


If April's secret kiss with Crockett comes out, hypothetically, how may Ethan react to the news? Could it potentially be enough to break their engagement? 

Schneider: Ethan's reaction would not be measured and rational, it would be emotional and impulsive.

Maggie is also newly engaged to Ben and she's in remission. We see Maggie in white at what we presume is her wedding. Can you give us an idea of what this new beginning looks like for Maggie?

Frolov: There will be another major new development for Maggie, something she'll deal with as a couple with Ben.

With Hannah returning to the hospital, is Will ready to start a new relationship with her? 

Schneider: Yes. But a complex and, at times, difficult relationship.

Can you set the table for how this episode fuels the remainder of the season and shakes things up? 

Frolov: The episode sets Charles off on a new storyline with his youngest daughter, a difficult 13-year-old. 

Schneider: It also radically changes the dynamic between April, Ethan and Crockett -- affecting each in a profound way.

Frolov: We've mentioned Will's relationship with Hannah, who's now back at work after rehab, but there's also a hint of something new for Natalie and Crockett.

In addition to reaching 100 episodes, Chicago Med was recently picked up for three more seasons. Knowing that the show will be on for multiple seasons, have you begun planting seeds for future seasons?

Frolov: Yes. We already knew how we wanted to end season five, so ideas for season six are percolating!

Chicago Med airs its 100th episode Wednesday, March 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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