Chloe Bailey Reveals Why She Started Crying During Her Global Citizen Live Performance with Halle (Exclusive)

The sisters wowed during their performance of 'Cool People' at the global event.

Chloe x Halle's Global Citizen Live performance took an emotional turn. ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke to the sisters following their performance at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre on Saturday, and Chloe Bailey revealed why she cried during her and Halle Bailey's performance of "Cool People."

"I just got really emotional because there's so many beautiful beings, including my sister, who just surround me with love," Chloe, 23, told ET. "I just really felt it in that moment all that stage. It felt surreal."

"I was just like, 'Oh my gosh! My sister, she's crying!'" Halle, 21, said of her reaction to Chloe's tears. "It's so sweet. She has such a loving heart. It was so much fun to be up there with her. I'm just so grateful and had a great time."

The global event's goal to create change and impact climate and poverty is one that spoke to the siblings.

"It was so important for us to be here tonight, because all we ever wanna do is just share our gift of music and our voice for good and to kind of pay it forward," Chloe said. "We've been inspired by incredible artists out there and music just makes us so happy. Tonight it was so freeing for me. To know that we were doing it for good, and just rewarding all the beautiful people out there who have done so much good in the world as well, it felt incredible."

One artist who's inspired and uplifted the sisters is Beyoncé, a fact they still struggle to wrap their heads around.

"Beyoncé's support has meant everything to us. I pinch myself still cause it's Queen B," Chloe admitted. "It's a huge compliment, so I'm grateful for it all. I just hope to even get an ounce of her success that she has had. I am just gonna keep grinding, and so is my sister. It's gonna be a fun journey."

They're already well on their way to that success, with Halle set to star in The Little Mermaid, and Chloe hard at work on her solo album debut.

"I'm just excited for people to see it when it comes out," Halle said of the Disney flick. "... It was just so different from what I'm used to. I kinda threw myself into this adventure of just escape and wonder. It really felt like a magical world that I was living in for nine months. I feel really grateful."

"To hear her incredible voice, that's my favorite part," Chloe said of her sister, before discussing her music on the way.

"I appear more confident on the outside than I actually am, so the lyrics are actually me telling what I would tell myself in the mirror to make myself feel more confident," she teased of her new music. "I can't wait for people to hear it. It's definitely more pop and more fun... I'm just grateful to go out and I can't wait for more."

No matter how busy they get with solo projects, though, Chloe told ET that she and Halle are "absolutely" continuing to work on music together.

"Even tonight it was so fun being on that stage together," she said. "Our third album's gonna be really special. I can't wait, because we're both finding ourselves on our own and also together, so it's gonna be really nice."