Chris Cuomo Slams President Donald Trump's 'Bulls**t' Coronavirus 'Propaganda' Video

The CNN anchor suffered from COVID-19 in the spring.

Chris Cuomo is clearly fed up with President Donald Trump's response to his own COVID-19 diagnosis. The 50-year-old anchor of CNN's Cuomo Prime Time lit into the president during Monday's show, slamming Trump's decision to leave Walter Reed Medical Center after two days and to release what Cuomo called a "propaganda" video of himself returning to the White House. 

"He didn't just walk into the White House one time with no mask tonight. He had his video crew capture that stupid scene again so he could put out propaganda fronting a lie to his people once again," Cuomo said, showing footage of the camera crews at the White House. "Just like, 'Don't worry about the masks.' Now he says, 'Don't worry about COVID, don't let it control your life.' I know there's sound to it. I'm not going to play it for you. Why should I? How much bulls**t do you need in your life?"

Cuomo went on to attack Trump taking off his mask upon his return to the White House, adding, "He takes off his mask while he's still infected like that's some show of strength. That's as weak as it gets. Of course you should be afraid of COVID. It's killed more than 210,000 of us."

The journalist also pointed out that Trump has access to some of the best resources and care available. 

"A hospital suite, 24-hour care, experimental drugs and all the best of everything all the time. And I'm not saying he shouldn't have it. I'm saying you should! Isn't that his damn job?" he asked. "Imagine if we had access to what he had access to that he ignores, that he abuses. Life would be totally different... 'I'm too strong.' No, you're not. No you're not, you got carried. And thank god you did because we've only got one of you."

Cuomo contracted COVID-19 this past spring, as did his wife, Cristina, and son, Mario. He shared the details of his illness with CNN viewers at the time. Back in April, Cristina told ET, "I watched my husband suffer through that a bit, and I think it's because of the long duration of this virus -- it is a minimum of 21 days for a lot of people. It creates a lot of anxiety, so the breathing, oxygenating the brain, is helping… it just helps with your general wellbeing." 


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