Chris Evans and His Brother Scott Are Having an Epic Scare Competition: Watch

Chris Evans isn't backing down from his brother, Scott.

Chris Evans is refusing to back down when it comes to his hilarious scare competition with his younger brother, Scott.

Over the weekend, the 39-year-old actor posted a video on his Instagram Story of him frightening Scott as Scott walked into the kitchen. Chris yelled his brother's name loudly, as Scott froze in shock.

"Yeah, you idiot!" he cracked with a laugh.

"Don't Start None, Won't Be None," he wrote of the video.

Chris was of course retaliating after Scott recently shared his own Instagram video of him scaring Chris as he entered the house with his beloved dog, Dodger. The brothers are known for continuously one-upping one another when it comes to scaring each other.

"I got him again," Scott wrote. "And captured a little private conversation with Dodger. ‘You goof.'"

Chris was a good sport and shared the video on his own Instagram account, writing, "Living in fear for the holidays…"

Scott, 37, and Chris are obviously close. Last month, Scott shared a video of him playing with dogs over Thanksgiving, including Dodger.


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