Chris Evans Says He'll 'Never Regret' Getting His Dog's Name Tattooed on His Chest

Chris Evans
Vera Anderson/WireImage

The 'Captain America' star called his friendship with his dog 'one of the purest relationships' in his life.

It's no secret that Chris Evans loves his dog, Dodger. The adorable rescue pup is regularly featured on the 39-year-old Avengers star's social media, and he even got his beloved pet's name inked on his chest.

Evans opened up on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live about the decision, saying he's had the tattoo for "a few years now." He added that he decided to get the permanent tribute "not long" after he brought Dodger home. 

"That's probably one of the purest relationships I have so I'll never regret that tattoo," Evans said of his dog. "I've regretted a few in my life, but not that one."

Evans also joked that he made Dodger return the favor. 

"Oh, I already did it," he joked of Dodger getting his name on his chest. "He had no choice."

When host Kimmel asked Evans if his pet's name came from the "Dodger Dogs" sold at the stadium where the Los Angeles Dodgers play, Evans replied, "No, I'm from Boston so it would be sacrilegious to name him after that."

The longtime Boston Red Sox fan added, "It's a far more embarrassing story that I now get to explain every time someone asks me." 

Turns out, Dodger got his moniker thanks to the 1988 movie Oliver & Company

"There's a movie called Oliver & Company. It's a Disney movie, an animated movie that I grew up watching," Evans said. "When I first saw him in the shelter, I said, 'Oh man, that looks like Dodger from Oliver & Company.' After I decided I was taking him home with me, I went through the process of thinking of other names and I just couldn't get off Dodger. So I just said, 'I'm not gonna over-think this one.'" 

This time last year, Evans spoke with ET about his love for Dodger and how having the dog has inspired him to one day expand his family. 

"Dogs are just so good and so pure. A weird, little door unlocks inside of you, this new level of empathy…in a weird way, that type of empathy permeates so many aspects of your life," he told ET. "You know, I think it actually unlocks a little bit, as I imagine having children will. I really want kids too."