Chris Harrison Says Peter Weber and Madison Prewett Have 'Massive, Real-Life Issues' to Overcome (Exclusive)

The 'Bachelor' host is still offering Peter and Madison his support.

Chris Harrison knows it won't be easy for Peter Weber and Madison Prewett to make things work -- but he's trying to stay positive. 

While speaking with ET's Lauren Zima on Wednesday, the Bachelor host admitted that like Peter's mom, Barbara, controversially pointed out, the two have "massive, real-life issues" to overcome. He also said, however, that as Peter and Madison try to navigate those obstacles after the Bachelor finale, he's going to "wish them the best."

"They do [have an uphill battle]. And that's a terrible place to start. That isn't how a relationship should start," Harrison shared. "They do deliver what's called a 747, so when he says, 'Love conquers all,' and all that, I don't know."

"They do have massive, real-life issues of religion, philosophy, how they live their lives, where they live their lives, down to... 'I don't drink, you do.' So, there's a lot for them to handle," he continued. "Is it a Disney movie and rom-com that love conquers all? I don't know if that exists in the real world."

Peter and Madison's differing lifestyles were a big deal throughout the season, as she issued him an ultimatum before fantasy suite week, saying that if he slept with another woman, she wouldn't feel comfortable moving forward with him. Peter later admitted to her that he had gotten intimate, and while their relationship held on for another week, Madison broke things off with Peter on their last chance date, before he handed out his final rose.

Madison noted -- just as Barb had during their meeting -- that they were on different paths. She valued her faith, which Peter admitted he could be "stronger" on; she was saving herself for marriage, and Peter thought intimacy was important in a relationship; she seemingly didn't drink alcohol, and Peter did. 

"My point last night was, why not just wish them the best? Why don't all of us just go, 'We wish you guys the best?' What's the harm in these two kids trying to make it?" Harrison asked during his interview with ET. "And if they don't, great. We can all jump up and down and say, 'We told you so!' Why dance on anybody's grave like that? That's something I just don't understand."

Harrison said he "really thought we were in the clear" when Peter received applause from the audience at Tuesday night's show at Madison's confession that she was still in love with him. He didn't think Peter would have proposed -- Neil Lane was there just for fun -- but he thought the two could have ended the night on a happy note. 

Instead, Barb went after Madison, claiming she made her and her family wait three hours ahead of their meeting in Australia, didn't offer an apology, said she wasn't in love with Peter and that she wouldn't accept a proposal. Things were tense, and Harrison said the Weber family was left "splintered." 

See more on Peter's finale in the video below. 


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