'The Bachelor' Finale: Peter Weber's Mom Barbara Puts Madison on BLAST at 'After the Final Rose'

Barb did not hold back on Tuesday night's finale.

We didn't know how Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor would end! Chris Harrison didn't know how Peter's season of The Bachelor would end! Not even Peter himself knew how his season of The Bachelor would end! ... But we all found out on Tuesday night. 

The 28-year-old pilot's journey to find love officially came to a close in part two of his finale -- and it was a lot to digest.

Monday night's episode saw Madison break up with Peter following their rocky meeting with his parents (who threw their full support behind the other finalist, Hannah Ann). Madison thought she and Peter weren't on the same page, and Peter struggled with what to do next. His final date with Hannah Ann went great -- but as Chris teased, Madison would be back. 

Monday's episode finally revealed who Peter's mom, Barbara, was crying about, and on Tuesday night, fans watched as she cried tears of joy after discovering her son's engagement to Hannah Ann. Then, it all came crashing down, with Peter expressing his doubts, and Hannah Ann giving Peter a piece of her mind for stringing her along -- and taking her first engagement away from her. 

With Peter and Hannah Ann over, Chris put in some overtime trying to get our Bachelor a happy ending. Peter and Madison reunited, much to the disappointment of Barb. Peter's mom didn't hold back as she slammed Madison on After the Final Rose, refusing to offer them her support. So, where did things end with Peter and Madison? Well, he begged his mom to give them a chance, and declared to the audience they'll take things one step at a time. Sounds like a good idea. 

After the Women Tell All taping last month, Peter confirmed that things "continue to unfold until the very last second. And I don't know when that last second occurred."

ET was live blogging Tuesday night's episode. Scroll down for live, minute-by-minute updates of everything that went down.

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