Chris Hemsworth Confirms 'Extraction' Franchise Will Continue: 'We're Already Talking About Extraction 3'

The second installment of the Chris Hemsworth-led action franchise premiered Friday on Netflix.

Tyler Rake is coming back!

On Saturday, Chris Hemsworth -- who stars as Tyler in the Extraction franchise -- attended the Netflix Tudum global fan event from Brazil. On stage, Hemsworth and director, Sam Hargrave, shared the news that a third film in the franchise is already in the works. 

Hemsworth and Hargrave kicked-off the event by taking the stage to the roars of the crowd. The actor and director took the time to thank fans for the overwhelming response they have gotten with the release of Extraction 2 -- and shared that they are going to give the people more.

"We wouldn't be here without you, so thank you so so so much. I love you all," Hemsworth told the crowd. "This is the warmest welcome we have ever received, you guys are incredible. I know we've only just released Extraction 2, but is anyone interested in seeing more of Tyler Rake in the future?"

Hemsworth declared, "Well guess what? Between us friends, we're already talking about Extraction 3. Thanks for the response."

ET spoke with Hemsworth ahead of the Extraction 2 premiere, where he opened up about returning in the sequel as mercenary-for-hire Tyler Rake, who gets sent on a harrowing new mission that included plenty of death-defying stunts, many of which Hemsworth performed himself.

"Everything that Sam Hargrave, our director, pitched me... I had both the enthusiasm and the excitement on one side of the brain and the fear and the hesitation on the other," he said of the filming experience. "I gotta say being on the top of a train moving 50 miles per hour with a helicopter flying backwards about 20 feet in front of me was pretty intimidating, but it gives the film a visceral energy and a spontaneity and an authenticity that I don't think you get if you tried to do that on a green screen."

He also raved about reuniting with Thor co-star Idris Elba in the moviewho plays a mysterious character known as The Man in the Suit.

"Idris is a really good friend of mine, and we've talked about working together," Hemsworth recalled, sharing how he and Hargrave pitched the actor the idea. "He brings out something very different in these characters, something a bit more that I think people will love."

And both the star and director were excited about the possibility of Elba returning for a third Extraction movie or spin-off, after fan support got the sequel easily greenlit.

"It's why we make the films -- the response from the fans and their support," Hemsworth praised. "[We] have a duty to go bigger and better on this one, with a deeper emotional storyline that resonated with the people. We made a film that we were really proud of, and the response has been amazing."

Extraction 2 is streaming now on Netflix.