Chris Hemsworth Takes a Quick Nap on a Public Bench and Still Manages to Look Like a Total Movie Star

Chris Hemsworth
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While most of us wouldn't stand out in head-to-toe denim and sleeping on a bench, the handsome Australian actor still radiated that indefinable star quality.

Even Thor needs to take a nap once in a while.

While waiting for his flight in Tofino, Canada, on Sunday, Chris Hemsworth decided to grab some shut-eye on an outdoor bench and still managed to look like a total movie star.

Donning a warm, denim-on-denim ensemble, the 34-year-old Thor: Ragnarock star crossed his arms to keep himself warm against the brisk Canadian climate and used his bag as a pillow for optimum bench-nap comfort.

Wanting to stay incognito, even while asleep, the handsome superstar pulled his ball cap down tight on his head, donned a pair of black aviator shades and covered most of his face with his scarf.


While in Tofino, the Melbourne-born Marvel star has been making sure to catch some Canadian waves.

Hemsworth took to Instagram to share a few shots of his surfing adventure, which required him and his fellow surfers to rock some particularly thick wetsuits to ward off freezing in the ocean.

"Not sure if we’re robbing banks or surfing but it’s damn cold in Canada," the actor captioned one post, shared on Saturday. "Well worth it though, what a beautiful place!!"

Hemsworth also posted a collection of photos showing of him wiping out on a beautifully cresting wave, which apparently did a number on him.

"Trying out a new move here, its called 'get smashed in the back of the head by the lip and dusted along the reef,' it’s so much fun, don’t try it," the actor joked in the caption.

Even under several inches of insulating polyurethane, it's clear he's is keeping his fit physique on point. However, even Hemsworth had to bulk up to play the God of Thunder in the latest installment in the Thor franchise last year.

Check out the video below to hear how he got into God-like shape for the Marvel action extravaganza.