Chris Pine Says Attention on Full-Frontal Scene in New Movie Is 'Pretty Cool' (Exclusive)

J. Countess/WireImage

The actor's nether regions became the talk of the town at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Chris Pine isn't exactly mad about all the attention on his nether regions -- as long as it gets the word out about his new movie. 

The actor's new Netflix film, Outlaw King, screened for journalists at the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday, and it quickly became clear that the movie's breakout star might be Pine's private parts. 

"[It's] pretty cool," the actor confessed to ET's Keltie Knight on Friday, joking about how past standouts from the festival have included Timothy Chalamet and Jacob Tremblay. "I'll take it." 

The 38-year-old actor plays 14th century Scottish rebel Robert the Bruce in the movie, which also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Billy Howle. The film aims to tell the "untold story" of the man, which as Pine explained, proved quite difficult when it came to preparing for the role. 


"I just researched the guy. There's unfortunately, because its the 13th and 14th century, there's not really that much expanded information about what the man thought, what his motivations were, what he did," Pine explained to ET the day before. "We can kind of make some assumptions about what maybe he was thinking, but I like the fact that he was a very mysterious smokey character in history that I could figure out in my own and kind of explore without feeling. Like, I had to create someone knew really really well."

Pine was required, however, to look the part. "I grew an incredible beard. I show up and Aaron, not only does he have this bizarre undergrowth beard happening, it was like he had grown two beards at once. And then he has dreads in his beard. So in terms of beard wars, [he was] winner winner, chicken dinner," Pine joked, as his co-stars opened up about the incredible armor they sported for the film. 

"It was real, it kept us in shape [and] pretty exhausted," Taylor-Johnson explained. "But you had some pretty hefty chains."

"Yeah, I mean, being the Prince of Wales, to be the King of England, [a] particularly wealthy guy, and had access to the latest technology,  which was plated on in the beginning -- that was pretty heavy," Howle added. 

Outlaw King is available to stream on Netflix starting Nov. 9.