Chris Pratt on How His Son Jack Gets Along With His Baby Sister Lyla (Exclusive)

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Chris Pratt is one proud papa! Both of his children will soon be celebrating their birthdays in August, and the star couldn't be happier about how his kids have been growing closer and getting along.

ET's Rachel Smith recently sat down with Pratt - as well as his Tomorrow War co-star Edwin Hodge -- while promoting the upcoming sci-fi/action epic, and he reflected on being a dad to his 8-year-old son Jack and his 10-month-old baby girl, Lyla.

"Their birthdays are in August, he's gonna be 9 and she'll be a year old," said Pratt, who shares Lyla with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris. "He's really great with her. He just loves her. He's so gentle and sweet."

According to Pratt, Jack has just done a "great job" at being kind and considerate of his sister, as she's learning and growing.

"She always wants to pull his glasses off his face and he's very patient with her," Pratt said. "You know, he's a great big brother."

In his new film, The Tomorrow War, Pratt stars as Dan Forester, a former Delta Force soldier and father of a young daughter. When time travelers from 30 years in the future return to present day to warn of an alien invasion, Dan enlists to fight the ongoing war in the future in order to help protect the world for his little girl.

"I have a daughter now, and so for playing a girl dad, it helped that I am a girl dad," Pratt shared. "Parent and child relationships are a big focus in this film, as well as redemption and second chances, and so all that stuff really, really resonated with me."

As for where he hopes to find himself in 30 years, Pratt's vision of his ideal future is one of quint and idyllic domesticity. 

"I have two children now, so I'm really hoping by then I'll be a grandfather," he shared. "I hope I have more children. I hope I'm doing a lot of fishing, a lot of farming, and a lot of golfing."

Pratt's sci-fi alien invasion spectacular, The Tomorrow War, will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video July 2.


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