Chris Pratt Reveals the Thing He Does That Most Annoys His Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt
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Chris Pratt is getting real about how he annoys his wife. The 40-year-old actor stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday and, during a game of Burning Questions, reveals the one thing he does that his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, can't stand.

"I leave napkins folded all over the house. Like, I'll use a napkin and instead of taking the time and effort to go throw it away, I'll just fold it up and set it down as if, 'Well, that's folded, so that belongs there,'" he admits. "So there's just a little trail of napkins."

Throughout the game, Pratt also praises Schwarzenegger, revealing that the most surprising thing about his wife is "her ability to just fill in my many deficits."

"I've got a lot, too, so that's why it's so surprising," he quips.


During Pratt's interview on the show, he recalled his June 2019 honeymoon with Schwarzenegger, when their tropical getaway was impeded by a serious sunburn.

"Over the last five years I've been doing all of these movies and in those movies I look so tan. But I forget that it's sprayed on!" he explains. "And I thought, 'I'm gonna give myself a little color.'"

Pratt shared a pic of the burn on Instagram, quipping on the show that the end result "took no more than nine minutes."

"We were in a tropical location and I just remember Katherine saying, 'You have to put on sunscreen.' And I said, 'No, I want to get a little base going and then we'll throw some SPF on,'" he recalls. "I laid out and I was like, 'Is someone cooking Norwegian bacon?' It  happened so fast! I forgot how translucent my skin is."

Pratt admits that the burn did impact their romantic getaway. "It was shirts-on swimming for the rest of the week. So sexy. Everything shirt on. Every activity that happens on a honeymoon, shirt on," he jokes.

ET recently caught up with Pratt, who shared that he and Schwarzenegger celebrated Valentine's Day a week early this year with something "very, very special." Watch the video below for more on how they marked the holiday.


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