Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares Message of Gratitude for Husband Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger
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Katherine Schwarzenegger is getting in the holiday spirit.

On Saturday, the daughter of Hollywood royalty shared a touching post on Instagram expressing her gratitude for her husband, Chris Pratt, as they prepare for the upcoming holidays.

"Coming up on Thanksgiving week and feeling so thankful and excited to be with my family and loved ones. I know this week comes with a lot of mixed feelings for people about returning home, traveling and missing loved ones," she wrote beside a photo of Pratt during a bike ride. "Everyone needs a little extra love as they navigate their way through this time."

"This holiday is my second favorite holiday (Christmas has my # 1 spot) and I love the message around this holiday of being thankful, but also gathering together with your friends, family and those who don't have a place to go," she continued. "My mom has always done a great job opening her home and dinner table to everyone. So maybe this week start thinking each day for something or someone you're thankful for, and tell them."

The 29-year-old later shared that, during their bike ride, she and Pratt found a small way to improve the lives of the people they encountered.

"Today, I am grateful for this bike ride with my wonderful husband and seeing the colors of the fall leaves," she added. "While we were riding our bikes, he said let's give out real honest compliments to people we pass and see what happens. We did, and not only did random compliments surprise people on the bike path, they also made us feel good. This also reminded me how thankful I am to be married to someone who thinks of kind ways to make the world a better place. Happy Saturday ♥️ ??"

In recent weeks, Pratt has shared his appreciation for his ladylove as well. Following the release of Terminator: Dark Fate, starring her father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the fellow leading man shared a post revealing that he saw the movie with his wife, who broke down in tears watching her dad once again take on his iconic role.

"Watched Terminator: Dark Fate tonight. So surreal to look over at my wife as she watches her dad, @schwarzenegger reprise his role as the baddest robot on the planet, tears streaming down her face, hanging on the edge of her seat," Pratt captioned a photo of his wife holding her ticket stub. "Priceless. Way to go Arnold! The movie is fantastic! I'm calling you Carl now."

Arnold soon commented on the post, writing, "You can absolutely call me Carl. Thank you and I'm pumped that you loved it."

Katherine also shared a series of photos of herself posing alongside her dad in costume as the Terminator over the years. "Went to opening night of Terminator last night and yes, I cried," she admitted. "But this time it was not out of fear that my dads face was going to stay bloody and metal (you can imagine me processing this at a young age ?), I cried this time because the movie is SO GOOD and I am SO proud of my dad! Go make weekend plans to see it!"

While promoting Dark Fate in October, Arnold spoke with ET about the prospect of acting alongside his son-in-law. Although he wouldn't commit to a collaboration, Arnold didn't hesitate to gush over Pratt. 

"Maybe, we haven't talked about it. But I respect him very much," Arnold shared. "I think he's a very dedicated actor and he trains really hard, he's in good shape physically, and he's talented."

"But besides all of that, he's great with my daughter," he added. "And that's the most important part."

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