Sean Hayes Says He Asked Katherine Schwarzenegger Permission Before Making Chris Pratt Joke on 'Will & Grace'

Sean Hayes
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Check out the joke he got the OK to deliver!

Katherine Schwarzenegger doesn't mind a playful joke or two directed at her hubby, Christ Pratt!

On Thursday, Will & Grace star Sean Hayes appears on an episode of Rachael Ray's show and brings along a clip from his sitcom in which his character, Jack, adopts a "bible diet," consisting of only fruits, vegetables and unleavened bread. Jack comments it's a diet that "only God and Chris Pratt eat." 

The joke is poking some fun at Pratt outspokenly embracing his faith, which Hayes says, in a new promotional clip, he decided to run past the Avengers: Endgame star's wife before delivering it on camera.

"I'm friends with Chris and Katherine, his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and I took a snapshot of the script that says that and I texted it to Katherine and I said, 'Katherine, is this OK to say about Chris?' And she's like, 'It's hilarious!'" he relays to the daytime host and author, who cracked up along with the studio audience.

In October, ET spoke with Katherine's legendary father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, while he was promoting Terminator: Dark Fate, where he was asked if he'd be willing to star in a movie with Pratt. He didn't say anything is in the works for him and Pratt, but he didn't hesitate to gush about his famous son-in-law.

"Maybe, we haven't talked about it. But I respect him very much," Schwarzenegger shared. "I think he's a very dedicated actor and he trains really hard, he's in good shape physically, and he's talented."

"But besides all of that, he's great with my daughter," he added, "and that's the most important part."

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