Chris Pratt Says Katherine Schwarzenegger Had 'Tears' Watching Dad Arnold in 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

Katherine Schwarzenegger had an adorable date night with husband Chris Pratt to watch her dad reprise his iconic Terminator role.

Chris Pratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, just had the cutest date night!

The lovebirds revealed via Instagram on Friday that they paid a trip to CinéBistro Brookhaven for the opening night of Terminator: Dark Fate. In the Tim Miller-directed film, Katherine's dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprises his iconic role, a performance that Chris says left his wife in tears.

"Watched Terminator: Dark Fate tonight. So surreal to look over at my wife as she watches her dad, @schwarzenegger reprise his role as the baddest robot on the planet, tears streaming down her face, hanging on the edge of her seat," Chris captioned the sweet post. "Priceless. Way to go Arnold! The movie is fantastic! I’m calling you Carl now."

Arnold was one of many celebs to comment, writing, "You can absolutely call me Carl. Thank you and I'm pumped that you loved it."

For her part, Katherine shared a series of photos of herself posing alongside her dad in costume as the Terminator over the years. "Went to opening night of Terminator last night and yes, I cried," she admitted. "But this time it was not out of fear that my dads face was going to stay bloody and metal (you can imagine me processing this at a young age ?), I cried this time because the movie is SO GOOD and I am SO proud of my dad! Go make weekend plans to see it!"

Late last month, ET caught up with Arnold at a press junket for the action-packed film, where he revealed whether he could ever see himself starring in a movie with his son-in-law.

"Maybe, we haven't talked about it. But I respect him very much," he shared. "I think he's a very dedicated actor and he trains really hard, he's in good shape physically, and he's talented."

"But besides all of that, he's great with my daughter," he added, "and that's the most important part."

Katherine said "I do" to Chris back in June after a year of dating, and her famous father couldn't help but marvel over how "nice" her hubby is. "He's just a nice man," he marveled. "It's always great when someone is successful and someone has a vision and someone is driven and knows where to go in their life. But if you're not kind and if you're not a real mensch, you know, then you don't have much."

"He is a real kind person, and he's terrific with her," he continued.

Hear more in the video below.