Chris Pratt Teases Surprise Valentine's Day Gift for Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET on Thursday while promoting his upcoming Pixar comedy 'Onward' alongside co-star Tom Holland.

This coming Valentine's Day will be the first for Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger as a married couple, since they tied the knot last June, and the actor is doing what he can to make it special, despite a hectic schedule.

Pratt and his Onward co-star Tom Holland sat down with ET's Keltie Knight at a press day on Thursday - where they were promoting their upcoming Pixar animated adventure comedy - and Pratt opened up about the couple's plans for the specical holiday.

"Here's my plans: I'm doing this junket all weekend! So we celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend," Pratt said with a laugh. "We did something very, very special."

"But also, she doesn't realize there's another gift coming for this Valentine's Day!" Pratt added excitedly. Clearly, the star is trying to do everything he can to make sure their first Valentine's Day as husband and wife is as special as possible.

As for Pratt's advice for other people looking for a gift for their significant others, the 40-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star suggests sticking with a classic: "You gotta go flowers. That's what I would do!"

As for Pratt and Holland's upcoming film Onward -- the latest animated epic from Pixar studios -- the actor said he was excited to be a part of the project, which he teased as being funny and touching, like all of Pixar's best projects. 

"I've cried twice in my life: Once at 18 months old from a compound fracture of the femur, and the second time was when I watched Onward just last week," Pratt joked.

In the film, Pratt and Holland voice Barley and Ian, a pair of elf brothers in a fantasy-inspired suburbia who go on a magical quest for the chance to meet their late father, who died when Barley was an infant and before Ian was even born.

Pratt's character, Barley, plays the older, more adventurous and somewhat foolhardy brother to Holland's Ian, and the actor marveled at how close his character's life seems to mirror his own.

"It's so weird. I had a van and it had a mural on the side," Pratt said, pointing to the fact that Barley also has a custom van in the film. "I have a very similar relationship to my own brother… And we both also suffered the loss of our father."

"It's just very strange how this film lines up with my life," Pratt added. "I'm really blessed to be part of it and I know that people are gonna love it. It's so good. 

Onward arrives in theaters on March 6.