Chrishell Stause Reveals Her Relationship Deal Breaker and Bachelor Nation Crush

The 'Selling Sunset' star split from her husband, Justin Hartley, last year.

Chrishell Stause is single and ready to mingle! The 39-year-old former Dancing with the Stars contestant appeared on fellow celeb dancer Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine podcast, and revealed that she's ready to date and knows exactly what she does -- and doesn't! -- want. Stause split from her husband, Justin Hartley, last year.

As for what's an absolute relationship deal breaker for her, Stause shared, "If I found out they were a cheater in some way, like, they had a girlfriend or that whole thing."

The Selling Sunset star went on to discuss how that scenario would play out if she were the Bachelorette like Bristowe was, something that almost happened a decade ago.

"We see that every season. We find out there’s some girl at home who thought he loved her," Stause said of the reality dating series. "You’re out of here. I don’t need to talk about it. We don’t need to have a conversation."

In continuing to describe her dream Bachelorette season, Stause opted for Paul Rudd over Shawn Mendes and Zac Efron for a celebrity option, and was quick to pick out her favorite Bachelor Nation star as well.

"Mike! I wanted Mike to be the Bachelor so bad," she said of Mike Johnson, who appeared on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette and was in talks to be the Bachelor before it went to Peter Weber. "... Of all the seasons -- of all the times -- I feel like there’s just a genuine thing about him that I just really took to. I think he’s great. There’s something about the way he comes across so genuine that’s so sexy."

Meanwhile, Bristowe thought Stause and Nick Viall would make a "cute couple."

Stause, who said she prefers men that are her age or older, went on to reveal that her dream Bachelor-style date would involve Italy, wine and homemade pizza, while one of her main questions night one would involve recycling.

"Do you recycle?" she said of what she'd ask her guys. "I feel like that's such a basic thing, but it says a lot about somebody if they just throw their trash around and don't care about the impact that that has."

"I pick up on these little things, like, how you treat the waiter, if you recycle, do you have a dog, how you treat your mom," she added.

As for if a real Stause-led season of The Bachelorette could ever come to fruition, the realtor said she's open to the possibility.

"It's just kind of all come full circle because everyone knows I'm single, I'm very awkwardly, publicly single," she said. "... At this point, I think it seems like way too much pressure to put that out there, but I also would've thought the same thing about Dancing with the Stars. I don’t know what the future holds, I’m open to whatever happens."

For her part, Bristowe is routing for Stause to be cast on the series.

"I would be so happy if you were the Bachelorette, oh my gosh I would poop my pants. That would be the most incredible choice they’ve ever made," the former Bachelorette said. "I just think you would be strong enough to handle production and that kind of thing. I think you’d be so great on TV. You’d bring the emotion, you’d bring comfort to the guys." 

"I know you think you’re awkward, but I think you’re just really uniquely quirky," she added. "... That's endearing to people. I think you'd create magic on that show."

Stause called Bristowe's comments "so sweet," before sharing that, while it may not be on TV just yet, she is ready to get out there and start dating.

"At the end of the day, I’m looking forward to getting out and mingling a little bit," she said. "I’ve been so busy dancing that I wanna go on a date! I’m like, 'Woah, what’s that feel like?'"

Stause seems a lot more open to being on The Bachelorette then when she spoke with ET's Lauren Zima in September. 

"As far as another ABC dating show... a girl's just trying to make something work, so let's not put any more pressure on it than needs to be," she said while still competing on DWTS. "I don't think that would be the right avenue for me."