Chrissy Metz Hilariously Describes Cringeworthy Internet Date

Busy Philipps and Chrissy Metz
Jordin Althaus

"Energetically it was not right for me."

Chrissy Metz is in a relationship now, but back in her dating days, the This Is Us star had a hilarious experience with a guy she met online.

The 38-year-old actress stopped by Busy Tonight on Wednesday and told host Busy Philipps all about the uncomfortable encounter.

“There was a gentleman years ago, when it was, like, not even cool to talk about that you met online. Like, you don’t mention it. And I didn’t… until now," Metz said. "And this guy and I agreed to meet, and I think we exchanged one or two pictures. And we’re like, OK, we’ll meet at this bar, at this time."

"And so literally I park my car, and I’m walking, he’s walking, we see each other and we’re like ‘neeee’ [veer off]," Metz continued, miming her and her almost-date going two separate directions with her arms. "We didn’t need to waste time, you know, like, we already figured it out. We knew. Energetically it was not right for me."


The actress began dating Hal Rosenfeld, a 25-year-old composer, earlier this year. The couple has since been seen together on Instagram, celebrating Metz's birthday and Thanksgiving.

Metz was previously married to Martyn Eaden from 2008 to 2015. Following her divorce, she dated cameraman Josh Stancil, whom she split from in March. Last September, Metz told ET that she was "not in any rush" to tie the knot again.

"Nobody is trying to get married!" she said at the time. "I was previously married to an amazing man, we're still friends, but it's not something that... I want to figure out what's going on. This needs to be about me and I, of course, can have a healthy relationship -- but I'm not in any rush to get married."

Watch the video below for more on Metz: