Chrissy Teigen Gets Emotional During Last Appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' With John Legend

Watch the power couple surprise Ellen DeGeneres on her own show!

There's no denying John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's love for Ellen DeGeneres. The couple make a surprise visit on the Wednesday episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to share their support for the 64-year-old host as she gears up for her final episode on May 26.

DeGeneres' eyes well up with tears as Legend and Teigen unexpectedly walk out on stage and give her a big hug. The three waste no time discussing the times they appeared on the talk show in the past 19 seasons, with DeGeneres sharing her thanks to the two for showing up unannounced.

“I love you both, and because we’re running out of time and I didn’t see your names on the board, I’m like, ‘I’m not going to see them before the show’s over?'” DeGeneres says after Legend reveals they were planning to make her a video but decided to stop by instead.

Teigen then shares that it really hit her that the show was ending as her and Legend waited to go on stage. "It was weird even being behind that wall and knowing we’re never going to run out of it ever again," she notes.

DeGeneres shares a similar sentiment, saying she has good days and bad days, and that she thinks about it every time she drives to work. "[I'm]  really emotional," she explains. "Today I’m better. Yesterday I was a mess, I was crying. It depends on the day. It’s 19 years, it’s, like, a long, long time.”

After the three reflect on their appearances over the years -- which included video of a then-25-year-old Legend promoting his very first song -- Teigen gets emotional. 

"I wanted to thank you for -- I'm going to cry -- for always being so incredible to us," Teigen gushes. "I think this was one of my first shows ... I remember you guys being so warm, so welcoming and so nice."

"I was so scared to meet you," Teigen reveals. "But, I think from that first meeting I fell in love."

Teigen goes on to share that she loves watching how happy DeGeneres has made people with her show over the years. "It's really inspiring and so amazing," she continues. "You are goals in a million different ways."

For Teigen, DeGeneres' show gave her a safe place to discuss some of the most difficult times in her life, including the pre-term loss of her and Legend's son, Jack, in September 2020. Months after the heartbreaking loss, Teigen appeared on the talk show and discussed how it changed her life.

"I'm still in therapy about it and I'm still coming to terms with it in a way," she shared at the time. "I go through my closet and I see, there are outfits. There are full maternity clothes and things that I bought for my eighth month and my ninth month. So it's just hard, because he would have been born this week. You look at those things and you have these constant reminders of him."

"But being Thai and being raised in a house that was very open about loss, I think it was really helpful," she added. "I see it as, it can be a beautiful thing, and it was a really transformative thing for me. In a way he really saved me because I don't think that I would have discovered therapy and then sobriety and this path of kind of really feeling good about myself and feeling like a new person." 

It's no surprise that over the years, Teigen, Legend and DeGeneres have become close friends. DeGeneres has even teased their friendship on social media, saying the pair is who she calls when she's bored.

"Sounds like things are good over at @JohnLegend and @ChrissyTeigen’s house," DeGeneres said in a clip posted to Instagram amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The final episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs May 26.



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