Chrissy Teigen Reveals What She Won't Do in Front of John Legend: '16 Year Streak'

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Chrissy Teigen isn't comfortable doing everything in front of John Legend. In a conversation about motherhood with Chelsea Hirschhorn, the Founder + CEO of Frida, as well as Jeannie Mai JenkinsSerena Williams and others, the 36-year-old model revealed the one thing she won't do in front of her husband, with whom she shares Luna, 5, and Miles, 3.

"[I have a] 16 year streak of no pooping in front of John," she revealed. "I’m gross about a lot of things, but this is the only one I hold on to."

That hasn't always worked out well for Teigen, though, as she revealed that, while delivering one of her children, "every single capillary in my face burst because I was trying to not poop on the table so badly."

Pregnancy in general resulted in some less than glamorous experiences for Teigen, who said that, if she "could give one pregnancy experience to John, it would be my vagina ripping to my butt."

"Seeing how John handles a stubbed toe, I know he would never be able to handle it," she quipped.

Being open about pregnancy moments that aren't picture perfect is important to Teigen, as she wants to better prepare women, many of whom only see "the perfection of Instagram," for child birth.

"The way to build confident people and mothers is by being able to commiserate and create a bond," she said. "Pooping on the table wasn’t talked about and it's nice to be real, especially after seeing how filtered everything is all the time, whether it's actually filtering or the filter of words on Instagram that makes you think you’re the only one experiencing something."

She also has advice for expectant moms, telling them to stand up for themselves during their pregnancies. "I listened to a lot of people and didn’t speak up enough and advocate for myself, even in the hospital room," Teigen recalled. "I wanted to be the best patient and not be a bother."

When ET spoke to Teigen last month, she revealed that she's completed her latest round of in vitro fertilization, after announcing in February that she and Legend were trying to conceive. The couple suffered a pregnancy loss in 2020.

"I finished my IVF part," she said, "so I feel so much healthier and so much better with that."


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