Chrissy Teigen Says Her Tongue Is 'Falling Off' From Eating So Much Sour Candy

The cookbook author's late-night cravings are taking a toll.

WARNING: Graphic photo below. 

Chrissy Teigen's late-night cravings are leading to some not-so-enjoyable side effects. The model and cookbook author, who is currently expecting baby No. 3 with husband John Legend, said on her Instagram story on Thursday that parts of her tongue are "falling off" due to the sour candy she's been eating at night. 

"Fair warning: Do not continue this video if you're squeamish," she told her followers before giving them a look at her discolored tongue, which appears to have patches missing from the top. "I told you, I'm eating so much sour candy that my tongue is falling off. Look at this."

Teigen held seemingly small bits of skin from her tongue in her hand as she continued to explain her situation. 

"It's literally falling off because I eat so much in the night. I eat sour straws. I suck on them and then after them, I have my Blow Pops," she shared. "It's just falling off, my tongue."

The mom of two has tried to introduce different foods into her diet, but said that even the noodles she was eating for lunch were "painful" to consume.

"It's hard to eat anything hot, spicy especially. I don't know how to eat it. I think I'll have to put saran wrap on my tongue or something, like a tongue condom of some sort," she said. "It hurts." 


Teigen revealed her cravings to fans earlier this week and marveled at how fast her third pregnancy was progressing. The Sports Illustrated model debuted her baby bump for the first time in Legend's music video for "Wild," featuring Gary Clark Jr., earlier this month. 

Legend spoke to ET about expanding his family with Teigen just before the music video's release. 

"We don't plan these things," he said of having more kids. "We haven't planned them right now, but we'll see what happens. You spend enough time together, you never know."

See more in the video below.