Chrissy Teigen Says Luna and Miles 'Adore' Baby Esti and 'Fight' Over Who Gets to Push Her in the Stroller

Teigen tells ET all about how her daughter, Luna, and son, Miles, are adjusting to their baby sister, Esti.

Family first! Chrissy Teigen is getting used to life as a mom of three after welcoming daughter Esti with husband John Legend in January. 

And before the couple introduced their baby girl to the world, the 37-year-old model took steps to protect her newborn through her partnership with Cord Blood Registry.

Courtesy of Cord Blood Registry

"I have a history of being interested in wellness and healthy families, and when I learned about the science behind newborn stem cells from cord blood and tissue, I knew it was the right choice for my family. ... Banking newborn stem cell and tissue with CBR allows my family to take advantage of future discoveries that could benefit their health. ... I banked the cord blood for my two older children, and I knew I wanted to do it for Esti," the author tells ET. 

"Saving newborn stem cells is a great option to protect your family’s future health, but many times, people aren’t aware that this is an option. … Through the Bank on CBR campaign, I am hoping to educate families around this critical birth decision," she adds.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Since making this choice and welcoming her third child, Teigen is feeling better than ever.

"I'm feeling so good. I feel this weird energy that I didn't have after Luna and that I didn't have after Miles. I think there's just a certain confidence that comes with having your third that you just feel pretty ballsy and that you can attack anything head on and that everything's gonna be OK," she explains.

It also helps that her daughter, Luna, 6, and son, Miles, 4, couldn’t love their baby sister more.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

"It brought tears to John's eyes the first night that we brought her home. ... Seeing them as a big brother and sister, it's next level," Teigen shares.

"They adore her so much. The biggest problem I have with Miles is that he gives Esti kisses that are too hard, and with Luna, just that she fights with Miles over who gets to push her in the stroller," she adds.

"They were so excited all pregnancy, that I knew they would be good, but I will say I didn't know they could be this good," she notes.