Chrissy Teigen Says She Is 'So Done' With Being Pregnant

Chrissy Teigen at City Harvest gala
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for City Harvest

A disappearing sense of taste and 'hot lava' burps have Teigen at her wit's end as she awaits the birth of her second child.

Chrissy Teigen is totally "over" being pregnant.

The model and Lip Sync Battle co-host is expecting her and husband John Legend's second child. The couple already have a daughter, Luna. 

Teigen is due to officially give birth in June to her unborn child --- a baby boy-- but she seems to be getting very eager to meet her little man. 

She began Wednesday night, with a quick message on her mood: "v annoyed today."

About 10 minutes later, she posted again.

"I can’t taste food. What is happening!" she wondered.

And another 10 minutes later? 

"Happy pregnant Chrissy is gone. meet OVER IT Chrissy," she wrote on Twitter. "Wanna hold my boy let’s do thisssssss."

On Thursday, Teigen picked right back up where she left off Wednesday night.

"I am burping hot lava," she wrote on Twitter. "I’m so done man."

It got to the point on Thursday where she considered in an Instagram Story whether she could hurry things up on her own.

"if I start pushing maybe he will just fall out," she wrote.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram


For more on Teigen's pregnancy, watch the video below.