Christina Applegate Reveals Why 'Isolating' Is the Way She's Coping With Her MS Diagnosis

Applegate opens up about her life following her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis.

Christina Applegate isn't mincing her words when talking about her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis

In another clip from her upcoming candid interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, the Married with Children alum reveals that she's still living with constant grief since her diagnosis almost three years ago. 

"I'm not putting a timestamp on it," Applegate tells Roberts. "I'm never gonna wake up and go, 'This is awesome.' I'm just gonna tell you that. It's not gonna happen. I wake up and I'm reminded of it every day."

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

While she does not look forward to living with her disease, the 52-year-old actress admits that there may come a time when living with MS becomes easier.

"I might get to a place where I will function a little bit better," she says. 

Applegate -- who did the interview with her MeSsy podcast co-host and Sopranos alum  Jamie-Lynn Sigler -- reveals how she's been coping by isolating. 

"Right now, I'm isolating," Applegate emotionally shares. "And that's kinda how I'm dealing with it is by not going anywhere, because I don't want to do it. It's hard." 

Together, Applegate and Sigler will talk about their lives with the debilitating disease. Sigler was diagnosed more than 20 years ago while Applegate was diagnosed in 2021.

In a clip from the sit-down, shared earlier this week, the Dead to Me star shared what life with MS has been like for her.

"I live kind of in hell," she admits. "I'm not out a lot, so this is a little difficult just for my system." 

In January, Applegate made a rare public appearance at the 2023 Emmys, where she received a standing ovation as she was escorted onstage. 

Speaking about the experience, Applegate shared that she was really "grateful" for the love and support. 

"I actually kind of blacked out," she recalled to Roberts. "People said, 'Oh, you were so funny!' And I'm like, 'I don't even know what I said. I don't even know what I was doing.' I got so freaked out that I didn't even know what was happening anymore -- and I felt really beloved and it was really a beautiful thing." 

With her signature humor, she added, "I'm just gonna say -- that audience stood up for everybody." 

According to the Mayo Clinic, multiple sclerosis is "a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system)." Other celebrities who have also gone public with their MS battles aside from the Dead to Me actress include Selma Blair, Jack Osbourne, and Montel Williams. 

In addition to their sit-down with Roberts, Applegate and Sigler spoke to People about the inspiration behind their candid podcast, which will debut on March 19. 

"We would talk on the phone for two hours, and we'd be laughing and crying and we were like, 'This is helping us. Let's record this. Let's do it,'" Applegate told the magazine.

Sigler added, "The way that Christina disarms me and allows me to talk about the hard stuff, I needed desperately."